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  1. Finish: Golden Oak

    Chairside Storage Table

    Regular Price: $209.95

    Sale Price: $199.95

    Space-saving.. practical.. a uniquely designed item. At just 11" wide with its hidden storage for stashing all those necessary but cluttering items around the chairs, this ideal narrow end table along with a lower shelf for additional storage more than delivers the namesake. The Chairside Storage Table is an attractive, functional piece that won't crowd your home. A customer favorite. Built to last. Learn More
  2. Finish: Chestnut

    Chairside Bookshelf


    This Chairside Bookshelf combines the versatility of a small end table with the function of a bookshelf in one compact stylish package. It's a great space saver! Made from solid American ash hardwood; built to last generations. Learn More
  3. Finish: Golden Oak

    Tea Cup/Mug Stand


    This Tea Cup/Mug Stand is perfect for your coffee or tea while enjoying a nice read. Bring this antique style stand with a refreshed Americana twist into your home today! Our Tea Cup/Mug Stand is also a part of our Gifts for U.S. Jobs Collection, which endeavors to stimulate the American economy by offering our customers affordable pieces of furniture that encourage U.S. job growth. Learn More
  4. Finish: Chestnut

    Chairside Drawer Table


    A simple and practical design! Our Chairside Drawer Table is a solid wood end table with a unique approach to storage and accessibility: a single drawer that slides in two directions, with knobs on both sides! Perfect for open and narrow living spaces with access available on either side of this beautiful, space-saving end table. Learn More
  5. Finish: Golden Oak

    Chairside Magazine Rack


    This Chairside Magazine Rack is based on the best-selling Chairside Storage Table. It offers similar convenience in a narrower design that doesn't compromise on storage. This is the perfect end table for the reader seeking quick, convenient access to their current literature, all in a stylish and sturdy package. Made from solid American hardwood; built to last. Learn More
  6. Finish: Chestnut

    Slate Top Chairside Table


    A unique handcrafted furniture piece. Mixing our solid wood furniture and local slate just down the road in our Adirondack ‘slate valley’ region, the Slate Top Chairside Table is truly one-of-a-kind. A conveniently designed narrow end table, with sturdy solid ash legs and angled shelf to store your favorite books and magazines; built to last generations and entirely made in the USA. Learn More
  7. Finish: Chestnut

    Contemporary Chairside Table


    A uniquely designed end table. At just 12" wide, this ideal narrow end table with it’s lower shelf for additional storage more than delivers the “chairside” namesake. This Contemporary Chairside Table is an attractive, functional piece that won't crowd your home. Learn More

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