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 Retro Furniture Collection

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  • Finish: Auburn Beech

    Retro 2 Tier End Table

  • Finish: Auburn Beech

    Retro Rectangular Coffee Table

  • Finish: Blonde Beech

    Retro Console Table

  • Finish: Auburn Beech

    Retro Rectangular End Table

  • Finish: Blonde Beech

    Retro Square Coffee Table

  • Retro Mudroom Bench

    Retro Mudroom Bench

  • Retro Coat Wall Rack

    Retro Coat Wall Rack


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Retro Collection

We fondly remember the furniture our parents and grandparents had in that “Golden Age” of American history, Post-World War II America. High spirits and a booming economy gave birth to the idealized “American Dream." Everything seemed a movie back then… it was all about Jackie and Marilyn. JFK and the Beatles. It was a hay-day in American life, and Manchester Wood has brought back a piece of that era with the solid wood Retro Collection - the perfect union of past and present design and functionality.

The 2 Tier End Table is quintessential retro inspiration re-imagined in solid wood. Combined with the Retro Rectangular End Table, Rectangular and Square Coffee Tables and the beautiful Console Table, this collection represents a staple in mid-century modern furniture. A step back in time, made perfect for the AMC hit Mad Men furniture fan, and for design enthusiasts looking for a more timeless retro style at home. Handcrafted from solid wood and finished in mellow tones of Honey and Auburn, this collection is designed to last for generations.