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Our Most Popular Solid Wood Furniture

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  1. Finish: Golden Oak

    Glass Top Display Coffee Table


    Featuring a glass top showcasing prized possessions or collectables, this beautifully crafted American solid ash coffee table also sports incredibly durable and thoughtful design that adds refinement to any setting. Learn More
  2. Finish: Chestnut

    Chairside Drawer Table


    A simple and practical design! Our Chairside Drawer Table is a solid wood end table with a unique approach to storage and accessibility: a single drawer that slides in two directions, with knobs on both sides! Perfect for open and narrow living spaces with access available on either side of this beautiful, space-saving end table. Learn More
  3. Adirondack Folding Chair

    Adirondack Folding Chair


    One of the most comfortable Adirondack chairs you can buy. Made in the Adirondack region of New York from locally harvested solid maple hardwood with an exceptionally durable finish and rust-resistant hardware – it’s authentic. And it’s built to last. Learn More
  4. Finish: Natural Cherry

    36" Wide Cherry Shaker Coffee Table


    Our Cherry Shaker Coffee Table features classic shaker lines combined with modern home decor styling that adds character to a wide variety of rooms. Made from solid American cherry hardwood; built to last generations. Learn More
  5. Finish: Chestnut

    Contemporary Folding TV Tray Table Set of 4


    Our Contemporary Folding TV Tray Tables add style and class to a wide range of settings while providing convenient, extra space. An item that’s great for enjoying dinner while watching TV or playing a card game, the solid wood Contemporary Folding TV Tray Table Sets are a true American classic. Crafted from sustainable Northeast hardwood at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York; built to last generations. Learn More
  6. Finish: Golden Oak

    Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk


    Our Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk has a unique design to fit the present mobile lifestyle with its large workspace and light, durable solid wood construction. Bring this folding worktable to wherever you need it! Learn More
  7. Finish: Golden Oak

    Mission Underwindow Bookshelf with Adjustable Shelf


    This bookcase was designed to provide the most storage in the smallest amount of space. It features an adjustable shelf for easily-customized storage. Crafted from solid ash hardwood at our own mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York. Built to last. Learn More
  8. Finish: Golden Oak

    Portable Folding Tray Table Desk Set of 4


    PracticalSturdyPortable. We combined the two most popular designs of our folding TV tray tables – the Contemporary and Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk to offer you an exclusive variation made perfect for the home or office space. Crafted from sustainable Northeast hardwood at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York; built to last generations. Learn More
  9. Finish: Golden Oak

    Americana 24” Bench


    This unique, small handcrafted wood bench offers a large array of uses around your home. Perfect for the mudroom or hallway space. Great for the main living space to sit and chat near the fire, even as a step stool in the kitchen. Handcrafted and entirely made in America from our mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York. Learn More
  10. Finish: Golden Oak

    Mission Compact Desk


    The desk you’ve been looking for: solid American ash hardwood construction, beautiful Mission style and compact enough to fit anywhere in your home or apartment. Part of the Mission Collection. Read more in our Blog. Learn More
  11. Finish: Golden Oak

    Chairside Storage Table


    Space-saving.. practical.. a uniquely designed item. At just 11" wide with its hidden storage for stashing all those necessary but cluttering items around the chairs, this ideal narrow end table along with a lower shelf for additional storage more than delivers the namesake. The Chairside Storage Table is an attractive, functional piece that won't crowd your home. A customer favorite. Built to last. Learn More
  12. Finish: Chestnut

    Multipurpose Cart & End Table


    A cart so versatile, it's helpful in every room. This sturdy wheeled cart will come in handy just about anywhere. Use as a telephone stand, charging station, magazine rack, book shelf, bedside, or printer and paper stand. Three open shelves with raised edges keep items from sliding off, and can be accessed from both sides. Made from solid American hardwood at our mill; built to last. Learn More
  13. Finish: Chestnut

    Shaker Secretary Desk


    Our Shaker Secretary Desk is a solid wood desk that’s handmade for the home office; or perhaps as a great recipe desk in the kitchen. A perfect size for a work nook in a small living space. A universal classic shaker desk with great storage design and strong Americana lines. Made in USA. Quality Guarantee. Learn More
  14. Finish: Golden Oak

    Shaker Coffee Table


    Our Shaker Coffee Table is a classic addition to any living space. The simple design lends itself to many different decorating styles. Made from solid American ash hardwood from our local mill; built to last generations. Learn More
  15. Finish: Natural Cherry

    Oval Cherry Coffee Table


    Available in rich Heritage Cherry or Natural Cherry finishes, our Oval Cherry Coffee Table imparts a sense of sophistication to a wide range of room settings. Made from solid American cherry hardwood; built to last generations. Learn More
  16. Finish: Natural Cherry

    22" Square Cherry End Table


    Our 22" solid wood Square Cherry End Table adds a touch of style to any room setting. Made of solid cherry construction, the table's surface features a clean edge to hold your favorite items. Crafted at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York; built to last generations. Learn More

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Our Handcrafted Solid Wood Furniture

Crafted in natural, solid hardwood, our solid wood furniture is built to last for generations. And indeed, here at Manchester Wood home furnishings, we keep one eye on the rich traditions of classic American furniture making while boldly marching forward toward the future. Our end tables, coffee tables, media stands, and TV tray table are all built in accordance with classic design, except with modern technology, tools, and know-how. The result is a piece of good, solid wood furniture that looks good, works well, and lasts a lifetime. Why not give it a shot?

Every house or home could use a lovely set of end tables to accent the room. All of our end tables are made from renewable, sustainable hardwood sources, and, like the rest of our solid wood furniture, our end tables come in a variety of designs: modern, classic/traditional, contemporary. Whatever style you prefer, you’ll be able to have the perfect set of end tables to fit your home.

Our coffee tables are well-crafted and just as stylish, too. It’s been our experience that almost every house could use a new coffee table. People spill drinks on them or leave water marks, they kick up their filthy feet and get shoe dirt all over them, and they just generally tend to treat coffee tables like expendable pieces of furniture. If you buy coffee tables from Manchester Wood solid wood furniture collection, the quality will be plain to see. No one, especially not your guests, will feel justified in treating your new table like trash.

Media stands and TV tray tables round out our collection of end tables. The media room is where all the action happens, and our sturdy, stylish media stands give media rooms an elegant feel. Round that out with a TV tray table or two, and you’ve got the perfect room for hosting parties and keeping food and drink where it belongs – on the TV tray table.