Cherry Coffee Tables: Classic American Hardwood

Oval Cherry Coffee Table in Natural Cherry finish
Oval Cherry Coffee Table in Natural Cherry finish

The natural beauty of solid cherry furniture is timeless, enhancing the fine lines of our Shaker and Contemporary design collections at Manchester Wood. Each piece of our American made solid cherry furniture is carefully crafted and finished in either Natural or Heritage Cherry stains. Among our top end tables and wooden TV media stands in the collection, our cherry coffee tables are not to be missed. Showcasing a beautiful timeless sophistication and appeal with natural lines of wood grain, these lightweight yet durable heirloom quality cherry coffee tables make an ideal piece for any home.

Our Oval Cherry Coffee Table, Round Coffee Table Cherry, and Rectangular Cherry Coffee Tables make simple distinctive choices for USA made furniture. The Solid Cherry furniture collection has found some recent revisions in terms of construction. All of our solid cherry furniture pieces are now assembled in a way that provides a stronger build with the same long-lasting appeal. The collection carries a gentle firmness in quality American craftsmanship that will be sure to last generations, passed down within your family, or to be sold and found in an antique shop in years to come. We make solid wood furniture to enjoy now and for many more years to come, and our gorgeous solid cherry furniture with its beautiful cherry coffee tables hold that same value. We believe in the motto “Quality always finds a home.”

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The Gift of Small End Tables

Chairside Magazine Rack
Chairside Magazine Rack

At Manchester Wood we craft top end tables in solid wood furniture. With simplicity in Americana flavoring and thoughtful, practical design, our Chairside series of narrow end tables (Only 11” wide!) are truly space-saving storage end tables. Although similar in width, height, and depth, each Chairside solid wood end table carries its own appeal.

For instance, the Chairside Storage Table is an end table with storage found in what appears to be a very typical way for a narrow end table, however the top lifts! Uncovering a whole secret compartment to place items that can build up on the surface of furniture in your home living spaces, cluttering your environment. The Chairside Magazine Rack offers similar convenience in a narrower design that doesn’t compromise on storage. It’s the perfect wood end table for the reader seeking quick, convenient access to their current literature in a compact space.

The Chairside Drawer Table, currently being featured in Yankee Magazine, is a fun and quirky design with a pull-through drawer making it available on either side, providing a perfect space-saving end table for open area living spaces. The current final piece of the Chairside series is the Chairside Bookshelf, which combines the versatility of the other small end tables with two compact bookshelves making it a great compact narrow end table with storage for the everyday living room reader.

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Manchester Wood is a family owned and operated company that has been designing and producing quality solid wood furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York for over 35 years.  Since Manchester Wood’s inception in 1976, the company has worked to sustain jobs for American workers and is proud to offer truly American made furniture.


TV Stands in Wood

Example of "particleboard" NOT FOUND in Manchester Wood's solid wood furniture.
Example of “particleboard” NOT FOUND in Manchester Wood’s solid wood furniture.

Many of the “wooden TV stands” on the market today are not actually wooden, they’re “composite wood,” which is a fancy way of saying particleboard.
Also known as “chipboard,” particleboard is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even saw dust. It’s been the demise of quality solid wood furniture and future heirloom antiques. It’s cheap, so it’s tempting. If yet we can consider truly wooden TV stands for a moment, the decision to choose solid wood stands can prove beneficial in both long and short-term use.

Mission Media Stand
Mission Media Stand

At Manchester Wood we produce solid wood furniture built to last the years with a sturdy natural resource in authentic solid wood lumber. We’re not using the shavings to make your product; we’re using the solid wood that creates those shavings. The premium nature of our furniture made in the USA can seem daunting in price, yet if you look around our site you’ll find the affordability as a factor in purchasing an heirloom American made piece. It is a quality untouched by the particleboard wood furniture you’ll find in most major retailers.

In viewing our TV media stands, take a look around at our TV stands in wood. For instance our Mission Media Stand, solid wood like all the rest of our furniture. The Shaker Entertainment Console, a piece of Shaker style furniture that features great Shakers furniture lines that have stood the test of time, with an excellent home for your flat screen television and media accessories. Also, the Farmhouse Media Stand, built from rugged American solid ash hardwood with 8/4 solid ash legs to hold up any entertainment unit with elegant Americana design.

These are just a few spotlighted options of TV stands in wood, and we’re proud to offer these and all our other TV media stands, end tables, coffee tables, TV tray tables, and beyond entirely of solid wood, guaranteeing you the best furniture experience.