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Win a FREE Folding Buffet Table! September Giveaway

September 1, 2016


Folding-Buffet-Table Win our Folding Buffet Table by telling us your favorite place to visit this Fall!

Write a comment on our blog, Facebook page, mention us on Twitter (@manchesterwood), or email us about your favorite place to travel to, or visit locally during the Fall season. You’ll automatically be entered to win a FREE Folding Buffet Table in September’s monthly giveaway raffle drawing.

We’re a few weeks away from the official start of Fall, and we’re looking forward to it! Let us know your favorite place to visit in the Fall. You’ll be entered into our monthly raffle drawing for a FREE solid wood furniture piece from Manchester Wood; this month, it’s the Folding Buffet Table.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming Fall season!

#MyNeckoftheWoods Series

Part 4: #MyNeckoftheWoods “Our Home” Series

August 26, 2016

Chris at home in his garden. Pawlet, Vermont

Chris has made his home in Pawlet [Vermont] a getaway, a little place to call his own and let his creativity run wild…

“I’ll get some local sausage, beef in town… butter, some other essentials, but about 50% of my diet comes out of this garden.”

Written by Eric Henzie, Marketing Executive

Home is the region, state, city or town where we live, where we are free to lie down in the park to rest on the freshly mowed grass, sit curbside at the annual Memorial Day parade, go-out to a familiar place to eat, or relax in our Adirondack to watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Like the pioneers who came before us, we have resiliently staked a claim to a down to earth, mountain lifestyle built upon the foundation of personal connections, time spent outdoors, stewardship, and culture. For Chris home is ten minutes down the road on a peaceful property that overlooks the Mettawee River in Vermont. His is located a few minutes from New York State in the Taconic Mountains. After clocking out Chris heads home. He often finds himself immersed in activities that range from fly fishing his stretch of the river, home remodeling, to a construction of the walls for a recording studio. I would call him a “maker” of sorts. He possesses the creativity and skill to make something with his hands.

Many of our co-workers possess a make-the-most-of what’s available level of creativity that allows them to build our products within a standardized process. We have a great team of people that pride themselves in the products they make here.

There is a growing group of conscious consumers, who care about who, where, and how the products they buy are built. These customers seek out and connect with the companies they purchase goods from, and share their enthusiasm with others like themselves. It’s about connection and accountability knowing and dealing directly with the company employees, only a phone call away and trusting the brand. We don’t just design what we sell, we make what we sell.

Do you like to create things? Or have a story about someone you care about who does? Is there a specific design or type of furniture you think we should offer? Tell us by commenting to this post, on our Facebook wall or tweeting #MyNeckoftheWoods @manchesterwood

Stay tuned for Part 5…

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Wood Benches in the Mudroom

August 23, 2016

Wood Benches - MudroomPretty soon, nice solid wood benches will make sense through Fall, Winter, and Spring in the “mudroom.”

Wood benches. It makes sense. Winter is just around the corner. That means wet boots, muddy dog paws, little scatters of melting snow, and piles of schoolbooks. Around these parts many homes have an important collection place, the mudroom. Unlike a front entry, much less formal, the mudroom is usually a home’s secondary entrance. It’s the hardworking space and very helpful for keeping the house clean and organized. There are key elements to the mudroom that’s worth one’s salt. Hooks and Racks to hang coats, hats, scarves to maximize space and keep cool weather gear arranged in one convenient spot. A tile floor with washable floor mats both durable and easy to clean. Some who have the space would install a sink or move the laundry from the basement to this space. After all, it’s much quicker to toss dirty clothes and linens directly into the wash without dirtying the rest of the house. Next on the checklist would be a wood bench. When you come home or back inside from the weather you probably should remove your shoes. A sturdy wood bench allows you to take a seat to remove your footwear before you enter the rest of the house. We carry several great options for the mudroom.

We routinely receive compliments on the Shaker Pew Mudroom Bench from our loyal customers. The Shaker style of furniture dates back to the 18th century. The Shaker principles of simplicity, honesty and humility were reflected in the crafts and furnishings they produced. This item fits nicely in most mudrooms or entryways and allows you to conceal a few pair of footwear underneath its sturdy frame.

A new wood bench from us, the Mission Mudroom Bench offers a seat back and shelving below, providing ample storage for shoes and comfortable sitting.

Ensured by our Quality Guarantee, our wooden benches are produced from local North American hardwood from forests regulated to employ and maintain environmental sustainability practices.