Live Chat Now Available at!

Manchester Wood marks 2015 The Year of the Customer! A year seeking to make our customer service even better. What’s one way? Live Chat support online of course!

Today marks a special day in history. Live Chat has been made available on the site while browsing our furniture to help field any and all of your questions – custom options, shipping (yes, it’s free), how sturdy is it? (very) and anything else that comes up. That is of course, when we’re available at our offices for online chat. We’re a small business, and like our furniture we don’t outsource our customer service… it’s handled completely at the place we make our furniture in Granville, New York.

When we’re not available at that moment, a “Leave a message” option will appear instead of “Chat with us,” and you’ll be prompted on your information and questions for us, in which we’ll respond promptly to.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! Feel free to call us anytime too at 1-800-660-6930, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm EST.

4 Highlights in 2014

As 2014 winds down we take a look at 4 major happenings at Manchester Wood this year.

Manchester Wood Mail Order Catalog 1. Our First Mail Order Catalog

For nearly four years customers of have been asking for a catalog. This year we finally pulled together enough resources and time to produce what we feel is our best literature to date on who we are and what we presently offer. For decades we’ve made wholesale catalogs for retailers, but this year marked something very new… our first very own mail order catalog.

2. 33 New Products

Compact Workstation Table - Manchester Wood
Compact Workstation Table

Between our New for 2014 and New Fall 2014 arrivals, we added 33 new products – handcrafted right here at our mill – including popular expansions into Solid Cherry TV Tray Tables and Shaker Desks, unique items like the Compact Workstation Table and Multipurpose Coffee Table Nesting Set of 4, and additions to the classic Adirondack collection with our first outdoor dining sets.

3. ‘Shop Custom’ option added to site

Similar to our catalog, Shop Custom was added through customer demand. We’re a factory, and typically are set-up to make many of one item at a time. This year, through a great team here, we developed and implemented the opportunity to offer custom pieces to you within the parameters set on our site. We ship the fastest in American made solid wood furniture. Now in 2014, we also ship the fastest custom American made solid wood furniture too.

4. 38 years in business

In November we celebrated our 38th anniversary as a company and took a moment to acknowledge the nearly half of our workforce who have been at Manchester Wood for 10-plus years, but also the special honoring of 25-year employee Garnet M. and new 10-year employees, Eric K. and John B. It says a lot about the people who make these products. There is a dedication and commitment that’s not easy to find. A service to quality products always finding a home for not only 2014, but years to come. As Josh Miller said in his film, “Made in America means jobs in America,” and here is that demonstration.

10-year employees, Eric K. and John B.
10-year employees, Eric K. and John B.
25-year employee, Garnet M.
25-year employee, Garnet M.

Our Mail Order Furniture Catalog Is Here!

Mail Order Furniture Catalog - Manchester Wood

Our debut mail order furniture catalog has arrived! For the first time we will be sending our very own catalog to customers new and seasoned who have owned and purchased our solid wood furniture products for years!

The catalog is at the Post Office today and headed to your door this Thanksgiving season! If you haven’t requested one, or haven’t ordered from us in the last year, you might not receive one. If you’d like to, email with your mailing address!

Thank you all, Happy Holidays!