Made in the USA Furniture: Our Pride & Creed

“As Made in the USA furniture manufacturers we recognize the importance of things made in America – here – at home. We stand in a new America and say, ‘we want quality, affordability, and a sense of where things we support come from.’ Made in the USA furniture is our pride and creed; it flows through each part of the process and each material used here. Our product proves that, and you’ll find that when it arrives at your door…”

Last summer’s video “Quality always finds a home” (embedded above) provides this narrative that speaks the essence of our core values at Manchester Wood. Quality and affordability when making solid wood furniture can be a challenge, and many of our competitors charge more under similar circumstance. Yet, at Manchester Wood we strive to reach the populous of the American marketplace with heirloom furniture that’s ‘built to last generations’ like the antiques that inspire us. We simply make modern day furniture of antique value, and there’s much to be said for that.

From conventional solid wood bookshelves, classic Adirondack folding chairs, to shaker desks, cherry coffee tables, and practical TV tray tables, the opportunity of experiencing quality design in furniture throughout all our collections is available to you today.


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  1. J Goodman

    In addition to the quality, I appreciate the practicality and uniqueness of the furniture you and your “family” are creating. I just discovered Manchester Wood via an ad in an old Yankee Magazine and have been perusing your website for the past hour. My challenge is deciding which piece I want to invest in first!

One Response to “Made in the USA Furniture: Our Pride & Creed”

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