Manchester Wood’s April Eco-Act Tray Table Giveaway

This Month’s FREE Raffle Giveaway…

This month's raffle giveaway

Contemporary TV Tray Table Set

What action, big or small, are you willing to make this month to help our environment?

In accordance with Earth Day this month (April 22), Manchester Wood is asking those interested in our FREE monthly giveaway item to enter the raffle by telling us how they plan on initiating environmental action. Whether by simply telling us you’ll throw a piece of garbage away you find on the street, or that you’re planning to organize an event to bring awareness to a certain ecological cause, let us know about your impact in supporting our earth this Spring season by emailing us (, tweeting us (@manchesterwood), or writing on our Facebook wall (

This month’s giveaway item is our popular Contemporary TV Tray Table Set of 2, valued at $169.95.  For the past thirty years, our tray tables have been a customer favorite. They’re great for enjoying dinner while watching TV, playing a card game, using the laptop computer, or as a convenient side table while paying the bills.

We hope you enjoy helping green up our planet this month, and be sure to share it with us so that you may win this beautiful set of handcrafted solid wood tray tables. Manchester Wood’s ‘eco-friendly’ standard can be read about here on our website. Our furniture is produced from American-grown wood in sustainable Northeast forests with environmentally friendly harvesting practices that encompass favorable growing conditions across much of the U.S. including the Northeast mean that its hardwood forests are most effectively sustained through natural regeneration.

Happy April!

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4 Responses to “Manchester Wood’s April Eco-Act Tray Table Giveaway”

  1. Nancy Stoutenburg

    My granddaughter brought home an energy efficiency kit from school. I installed the new showerhead and kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators. She reminded us to turn the water off while brushing our teeth and only run full loads of laundry and dishwashing. We are doing our part too by wearing clothing more than once so we don’t have to do laundry as often.

4 Responses to “Manchester Wood’s April Eco-Act Tray Table Giveaway”

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