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Manchester Wood’s Gratitude Giveaway w/ New Item!

November 1, 2013
*Giveaway Item* Manchester Wood's new Portable Folding Tray Table Desk Set of 4!

*Giveaway Item* Manchester Wood’s new Portable Folding Tray Table Desk Set of 4!

It is with great pleasure that Manchester Wood is offering this month’s free product giveaway with a gift in gratitude. The month of November is about Thanksgiving, feeling grateful for all the things in your life, most importantly our family and friends. At Manchester Wood we’re especially grateful for you, the loyal customers who buy our products, and help keep our jobs and business producing quality, handcrafted truly American made furniture. And as we begin to think about everyone else this season, and what they’re grateful for we simply ask… What are you grateful for?

To enter our FREE November ‘Gratitude Giveaway’ email with a response to the question, “What are you grateful for?”

You’ll then be entered for a chance to win.

The giveaway item this month is the brand new Portable Folding Tray Table Desk Set of 4. Practical… Sturdy… Portable. We combined the two most popular designs of our folding TV tray tables – the Contemporary and Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk to offer you an exclusive variation made perfect for the home or office space. Crafted from sustainable Northeast hardwood at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York; built to last generations and backed by our Quality Guarantee.

This month's giveaway, the new Portable Folding Tray Table Desk Set of 4!

This month’s giveaway, the new Portable Folding Tray Table Desk Set of 4!

The concept behind these tray tables began from customer feedback. Many love our Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk but have requested an offering in set form, rather than solely a single folding tray table. So, with that feedback from you, our customer, we combined the two most popular designs of our folding TV tray tables – the Contemporary and Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk to offer you an exclusive variation made perfect for the home or office space.

Our folding TV tray tables have been a longtime customer favorite for over thirty years. The TV trays feature a double glide design that allows for easy folding and storage. Set up or store it away in seconds. These tables are versatile pieces of furniture. The set comes with a stand that holds all 4 TV tray tables neatly. The TV tray tables have an easy wipe-off stain resistant lacquer finish in either Golden Oak or Chestnut.

1-manchester-wood-plant-flag-dayPeace and blessings, God bless you always,

Ed & Priscilla Eriksen
Manchester Wood: American Made Furniture

PS. we may compile your responses to the giveaway at some point for an amazing post filled with your gratitude, but we promise to only use your first name.

Manchester Wood designs and produces quality, affordable, eco-friendly solid wood American made furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York.

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  • Reply Alice Kane November 8, 2013 at 11:01 am

    What a wonderful set of tables. I’m bookmarking your site so that I can browse later. I love the fact that someone is still making beautifully designed furniture from real wood. The “imitations,” especially ones made from laminates or plastics, cannot be repaired if there is any damage, but wood always ages with a wonderful patina, while at the same time can be “upgraded” if time, children, or natural disasters occur. Your contest is also an excellent way to advertise your product, because, whether one wins or not, he has stopped in the middle of a busy day to think about what’s important – while at the same time being shown a great product. God job!

  • Reply Thomas Scheib November 14, 2013 at 12:20 am

    I enjoyed looking at your catalog and was hoping to find some stacking tables. I know they are not as elegant as your folding tray tables but that is what fits our neads. If you ever decide to offer stacking tables – please let me know.
    Tom Scheib

  • Reply N Stoutenburg November 21, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    I’m grateful that all eight children will be able to make it for Thanksgiving this year. The house will be full of fun and laughter.

  • Reply lisa hayward November 21, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    i’m a person of basic needs – i’m grateful that i opened my eyes this morning – my health is good, so is my husbands! – i am grateful to have a full time job to go – lastly, i am grateful to be able to pay my mortgage each month – LIFE IS GOOD!!

  • Reply Karen Dagnall November 30, 2013 at 9:14 am

    I came to the Manchester Wood website looking for American Made Tray Tables. We have been blessed to have four children and they were each bringing a guest for Thanksgiving. We have a small Cape Cod style house and figuring out how to host 10 people for dinner was a challenge. Then I thought perhaps some tray tables, either for buffet style or strategically arranged in the dining room, would help solve the problem.

    First, I am grateful to have this problem – I am grateful for the family that I have, and their friends, and that we can share time together.

    I am also grateful to live in the United States of America, where we enjoy many freedoms. I am grateful, while it may be difficult at times in the economy, that we have businesses like Manchester Wood, producing quality, American-made goods, and that I, as a citizen of this country have the choice to buy those goods.

    I am grateful that our country educates its citizens, and that each child is provided an education for free by the government. There are disagreements on the best way to make this happen, but the key is that it does happen, and we are educated and informed people and knowledge is power.

    I am grateful that in the United States of America, I am free to worship God openly, without persecution, and grateful that He loved me so much, He sent His son, Jesus, to save me.

    I am grateful for ALL the men and women who have fought to protect these freedoms, from those who fought to establish the United States of America in the 1700s to those who stand today protecting the citizens of our country.

    Thank you for asking this question, and allowing me to share my heart. Have a blessed holiday season and may you be surrounded with family and friends to share it with.

  • Reply linda moore November 30, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    I am grateful for my husband who makes sure there is food on our table and gives all eight of us a roof over our heads.

  • Reply Gloria Anne Laundrie December 1, 2013 at 10:19 am

    I am grateful to be able to be grateful! I sent my reasons for gratitude at the last minute, yesterday, after Thanksgiving, to share in time to enjoy family, to share joy in a home bittersweet after the loss in late August of a wonderful wife, mom, and grandma, yet all present shared faith in love. A little baby girl born three days before her grandma died, who held her close those last days. Love will change the world.
    Thank you so much, Manchester Wood, for the opportunity to share and be part of your commitment to the best, both in your products, and to people, in your caring for the good in both.

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