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Folding TV Trays: Discover The Best

Folding TV Trays at Manchester WoodThe best folding TV trays are found at Manchester Wood, and they’re not only 100% Made in the USA. They’re solid wood. Backed by a Quality Guarantee. A top Amazon seller, an customer favorite for over 35 years.

Featuring an efficient double glide design and sturdy solid wood stand for sets, our folding TV trays are one of a kind on the marketplace today. Resourced from sustainable Northeastern hardwood and sealed with a stain resistant finish, you can say we’ve got you covered for all the uses you may find with our folding TV trays sets.


Adirondack Chair at Manchester WoodNew Adirondack chairs and tables combine American craftsmanship and innovation to make a stylish debut.

“As authentic as it gets – Adirondack furniture made in the Adirondacks”

Granville, NY – This spring, Manchester Wood extends its Adirondack tradition with new offerings that include the Club Adirondack Chair, the High Top Adirondack Chair, and Adirondack Dining Tables to go alongside them. These all-new Adirondack pieces embody the design, functionality, and values that date back to the company’s earliest days of producing the Adirondack chair inspired during family trips to Lake George in the  heart of the Adirondacks, just a few country miles from their current plant – or “the mill” it is referred to.

A rich legacy of American craftsmanship and Adirondack style flows through Manchester Wood’s Adirondack furniture collection. The company finds inspiration for its American classics in the majestic mountains, valleys, lakes, and towns that surround them.  Simply put, to buy an Adirondack chair from Manchester Wood is to take home a piece of the Adirondacks. Invite your friends over this summer for an evening of relaxing on the patio and enjoy American made furniture handcrafted from solid wood to yield the highest in quality outdoor furniture.

Since debuting its Adirondack furniture at the Chicago Housewares Trade Show in 1984, Manchester Wood has defined Adirondack style with designs that couple classic American lines with convenient innovations. The result is stylish American solid wood furniture that’s beautifully designed and built to last.  In 1999, Manchester Wood’s folding Adirondack chairs were named Best of the Year by the Wall Street Journal.

Today high demand for Manchester Wood’s Adirondack chairs is found among both top American lifestyle brands, as well as direct retail customers. The reason? The authentic Adirondack aesthetic that weaves through this entire collection. Warmly welcomed with a renewing spirit, Manchester Wood’s new Adirondack chair options and dining tables pair perfectly with their classic Adirondack folding chair, end and coffee tables, foot rests, love seats and tete-a-tetes. This is classic Adirondack outdoor furniture that is built to last – at least that’s Manchester Wood’s claim and they’re sticking to it this spring!

Adirondack Chair Sale!

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Manchester Wood Mission in Mission Furniture

Our Mission in Mission Furniture is to provide you the best prices with the best quality. Solid hardwood furniture made in America, and built to last.

Mission Furniture: Mission End TableAt Manchester Wood we’re motivated to provide you quality solid wood furniture at an affordable price with all the premium assets that come with the value in the furniture we provide you — with Free Shipping Always nonetheless; right to your door. Our Mission in Mission Furniture is no different.

Manchester Wood strives to couple tradition with modern accessibility, offering a timeless piece of American furniture; and in Mission furniture, like our Shaker, there is certainly history. “Mission furniture is a style of furniture that originated in the late 19th Century… The term mission furniture was first popularized by Joseph P. McHugh of New York, a furniture manufacturer and retailer… The word mission references the Spanish missions throughout colonial California… The style became increasingly popular following the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901. The style was popularly associated with the American Arts and Crafts movement” (Wikipedia).

We’re always interested in what we craft. How it originated, and what it means to our roots and history is important to us in making authentic American furniture. We imagine you might find it interesting too. America is wide and vast, rich in heritage, and Mission furniture certainly conveys that. We hope you find what you’re looking for on Compared to our competitors you might feel there’s a catch with our pricing, but there isn’t. Our mission, not just with Mission furniture, is offering you the most affordable options in quality solid wood furniture because our heirloom furniture in your home means more to us than boosting our bottom line.

Sustainably harvested hardwood, American made craftsmanship, affordable prices and a Quality Guarantee… you can’t beat that.