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Made in the USA: Are You Sure?

Made in the USAA Yuma Arizona journalist uncovers a “Made in the USA” seal of approval to be misguided. What’s really ‘Made in the USA’? Well one thing is for sure, don’t always trust the sticker.

Lesley Fair of in their recent article Keep your Made in USA claims red, white, and trueuncovers claims that a Made in the USA-origin seal for businesses may not be credible. At Manchester Wood, we’ve always been weary of companies that supposedly “boost credibility” by giving them money in return for a logo and some marketing materials to help consumers recognize that our product is Made in the USA.

Fair found that an “Ohio-based Made in the USA Brand [who] markets a U.S.-origin seal for businesses to use to boost the credibility of their ‘Made in USA’ claims. According to one promotional brochure, ‘When printed on labels by accredited manufacturers, consumers are able to identify at a glance which products are made in the USA.’  …The company’s website included one licensee’s explanation that the certification mark was important ‘because it stands for buying American products produced by American workers.'” BUT… “the part where [the] Made in the USA Brand conducted a careful evaluation to make sure products bearing its mark really are of U.S origin [had been skipped]. A “complaint alleges that all a company had to do display the seal was self-certify that it was in compliance with the guidance set forth in the FTC’s Enforcement Policy Statement for U.S. Origin Claims. What about objective evaluations or audits to confirm ongoing compliance? There weren’t any. And you won’t be hearing about companies that were denied the certification mark because according to the FTC, Made in the USA Brand handed over its seal to any business whose check cleared.

Over the past year, we’ve been putting on our own materials that we’re “100% Made in USA.” It’s actually a tricky thing to state for most “American made” companies. With a global economy it’s hard to find anything truly made from the ground up in America. It may be assembled here, or packaged here, but materials and sub-assemblies could be done overseas… so could that really make it Made in the USA still? It’s been a hot debate, but one thing is for sure, Manchester Wood is, and always has been 100% made in America.

What’s your thoughts? How do you know something is made in America?

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Solid Wood Desks 10% Off: Back to School Sale

Solid Wood Desks: Back to School SaleDiscover the quality of our American made solid wood desks at 10% off during our Back to School Sale.

Although this sale probably doesn’t pertain so much to first year college students, or those boarding for high school studies where most furniture is supplied in dorm living; this blog focuses more on the student returning this school season with a more definitive approach on his or her future.

We can’t think of better items for study and work than our American made solid wood desk furniture. Providing your child, grandchild, or yourself with a product that will not only last beyond the school years, but also instill a powerful conscious decision that will help our next generation understand, touch, and feel apart of the movement and difference in buying ‘Made in the USA’ products.

The more we pump money into a system far away where we can’t see enough to feel bad about it, with it’s poor working conditions and environmental regulations, the more we need to start to look around at our domestic state.

Let us start our young budding professionals on the right path. Don’t buy cheap furniture for them from China or Vietnam, buy them something their kids will not only be able to use but feel honored about. A piece of furniture that has meaning. It won’t be something you’ll throw away in a few years to a landfill already past its limit. It’ll be something you’ll have a story about.

Consider Manchester Wood as your leading provider in this, as furniture makers in the USA. To view our Back to School Sale with 10% off all our solid wood desks collection, click here.


A Few Grateful Giveaway Responses

Montauk Chair by Manchester Wood Our July Montauk Chair Gratitude Giveaway is receiving many grateful responses! Here are a few…

As our monthly giveaway about gratitude winds down, we share a few responses of what people are grateful for. If you’d like to enter for a raffle drawing on a FREE Montauk Chair, join us!

There are 2 things I am MOST grateful for…my Family & my Freedom!-Lacey B.

I’m grateful for libraries — just got access to an academic library after a few years without, and I’m reminded all over again how lucky we are to have access to so much good, free information.-Jenny

I am thankful for my family, also thank you i can till breath in all the beautiful smells of the flowers.I am on oxygen so i like to sit out side. don’t much care for air conditioning.You have beautiful items.-Deborah

I am thankful for being cancer free and spending time with my daughter. I’m thankful I live in a country where I can speak freely, move freely, and vote.-Louise T.

I am grateful that I live in America, I am also grateful for my wonderful mother and daughter.-Janel

I am grateful for all of the vegans of the world who spread the word of the wrongs of animal use and abuse.-Russell A

I’m grateful that my daughter is in college, my grandchildren love to visit me and bring laughter and joy to my home and that my husband loves me so much. :) Life is good.-Kristen

I am thankful for family and friends and my faith in the human race, to change things for the better, once they see what is right, that we are to care about each other.- Gloria L.

There are a great many things for which I am grateful, not the least of which are good health, good friends, and a roof over my head. Thanks also for your fun contests. Best of luck to all who enter. As the happy winner, I can see myself now, sitting outside in your lovely chair. Sitting in the shade, watching the cool mountain rain come down after a hot summer day. :-)-KD

I am thankful for all those who fought and continue to fight for this country.-Pam

In light of the threats of harm realized elsewhere in the world, I am grateful for the sacrifices made so that we may enjoy the freedom to pursue activities safely here at home without facing the same level of danger. -Mildred

I am grateful that there are still high-quality products made in the USA of USA-made materials available to purchase so that we may both support our fellow Americans in earning a living and get a quality-made item for long-term enjoyment [that still is a] bargain.-Susan D.

Is there anything you’re grateful for? Join the entries and you’ll be entered to win!

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