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Manchester Wood Mission in Mission Furniture

Our Mission in Mission Furniture is to provide you the best prices with the best quality. Solid hardwood furniture made in America, and built to last.

Mission Furniture: Mission End TableAt Manchester Wood we’re motivated to provide you quality solid wood furniture at an affordable price with all the premium assets that come with the value in the furniture we provide you — with Free Shipping Always nonetheless; right to your door. Our Mission in Mission Furniture is no different.

Manchester Wood strives to couple tradition with modern accessibility, offering a timeless piece of American furniture; and in Mission furniture, like our Shaker, there is certainly history. “Mission furniture is a style of furniture that originated in the late 19th Century… The term mission furniture was first popularized by Joseph P. McHugh of New York, a furniture manufacturer and retailer… The word mission references the Spanish missions throughout colonial California… The style became increasingly popular following the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901. The style was popularly associated with the American Arts and Crafts movement” (Wikipedia).

We’re always interested in what we craft. How it originated, and what it means to our roots and history is important to us in making authentic American furniture. We imagine you might find it interesting too. America is wide and vast, rich in heritage, and Mission furniture certainly conveys that. We hope you find what you’re looking for on Compared to our competitors you might feel there’s a catch with our pricing, but there isn’t. Our mission, not just with Mission furniture, is offering you the most affordable options in quality solid wood furniture because our heirloom furniture in your home means more to us than boosting our bottom line.

Sustainably harvested hardwood, American made craftsmanship, affordable prices and a Quality Guarantee… you can’t beat that.


Made in America? For One, A Great Editorial

Made in America TestimonialVirginia paper publishes a great local editorial on products Made in America.

Poignant and powerful, Mike Stewart a local of Hampton Roads Virginia area writes in his thoughts about Made in America this past week to his Daily Press.

I had an interesting Christmas shopping season looking for things Made in America. I failed, completely.

I looked to American brand names for a replacement computer. Dell, made in China. Hewlitt Packard, made in China. Magnavox, made in China, Phillips, made in China. No flat screen TVs are made in America. No wrenches, no screw drivers, no handheld drills, no lawn edgers, no sweatshirts, no underwear.

I did find a pack of socks Made in America.

So why is unemployment, underemployment such a huge problem in the U.S.? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had good jobs right here in Hampton Roads? Remember Lucas and Gateway computers?

If people had jobs they could pay their bills, buy things that maybe aren’t totally necessary, educate their children, create economic demand that create more jobs, and pay taxes which would reduce the national debt. Why and how did this happen? Because nobody in the U.S.A is smart enough to perform these jobs? USA workers have poor work ethics? The USA is at full employment and nobody is available? No!

The answer is because the people in control of USA industrial capacity can make an extra $0.50 per unit overseas and pay for the cross ocean shipping.

I was raised near the Navajo people and they had a saying: “He who has more than he needs is not taking care of his people.”

-Mike Stewart, Poquoson

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Made in America Furniture: Manchester Wood's Mill


Testimonial: Chairside Drawer Table

Chairside Drawer Table Testimonial

“This table has three things that are really impressive. First, the drawer design is fantastic; you can access the draw from either side of the table making it even more functional than the fliptop version which would require you to move things to access the compartment. Second, the size is perfect. It doesn’t dominate the room and waste space. Clean lines, minimalist yet very functional. You cannot lose. Third, the lower bookshelf adds nice functional appeal and improves the weight of the table making it very stable. This was a great buy and my first at Manchester Wood. Going to buy a bookcase next.” – Brian