Solid Wood Furniture is American Furniture.

Since the early days of American made, solid wood furniture was there.

Solid Wood Furniture - Shaker Tables
22″ Square Cherry Shaker End Table

At Manchester Wood we live American made. Our solid wood furniture handcrafted in America isn’t just simply made in USA furniture. It’s made in USA furniture for made in USA people. From the outdoors with the quintessential style of American fashion in vacation and relaxation with our Adirondack Folding Chairs. Made and inspired in the heart of the Adirondacks. To the legendary early-American shaker furniture style with our Shaker Collection. We touch from the newest age of solid wood furniture made in America with our new Urban Camp Collection, to the “Golden Age” mid-century with our Retro Collection and Adirondack Collection, to the earliest of days of what made American pride in Shaker, Cherry, and Mission furniture.

We make solid wood furniture because that’s what we were taught. So that’s just what we do. And we do a fine job if you ask the 38 years of vendors and customers whom we’ve provided the finest in American made furniture to.

What screams American tradition to you? What marks the sign of a true authentic American made furniture brand? Our family started logging in Red Bank, NJ before bridges were built to New York City. We started manufacturing and tried suits on in the 50’s. Shaking hands with J.C. Penney himself and delivering on a promise we still keep today. Quality, affordable, solid wood furniture made in the USA that puts people to work in America. You can’t beat that for true American.

Shop our 100% Made in USA furniture here, and enjoy Free Shipping Always with every order, backed by our Quality Guarantee.

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