Space Saving Furniture Solutions

Space Saving FurnitureWhen you Google Space Saving, Furniture is the next word to pop-up to assist you in your search. That’s because big and clunky doesn’t work for us.

Space saving furniture is a must for practical appeal and function in home design-friendly living. At you don’t have to look far to find the conventional wisdom of past American furniture making with a modern-day twist for the 21st century home. For example take a look at our space saving furniture piece, the Compact Workstation Table. It’s an ideal space-saving furniture item, transforming a small living space into a temporary home office. An end table, desk and chair combination. However unique in the marketplace, the piece takes after the “gossip bench,” which found popularity in the mid-century. For generations, people have used nifty, quirky, and unique items that not only fit perfectly in their home, but also in their lifestyle.

Manchester Wood’s solid wood coffee tables, end tables, and media stands and bookcases can be found on the more space saving side. Our wood desks, and a few others however range from large to compact; so our tried and true space saving furniture can be found on our Small Space Solutions page.

We live in a world nearly always on the go. We need light, sturdy and durable furniture pieces that fit the sometimes narrow spaces we have for them. For example, the popularity of folding TV Tray Tables. We sometimes need work spaces that can fold up and go away to make room for what’s next. Or a more permanent fixture, like the Compact Shaker Desk, that fits perfectly in the corner or nook that we need it in. Also, small sturdy solid wood bookshelves that we can fit under windows or other shelving that doesn’t tower high over our space can make great additions to the home.

Space saving furniture may seem new to some, common for many, but big and clunky only works for certain things in furniture. And at you’ll find the practical, unique, beautiful, and hard-to-find affordable hardwood American made furniture right at the click of a button.

Solid Wood Furniture: Who’s Asking?

Solid Wood Furniture Cherry Coffee TableSolid wood furniture is a top keyword phrase on the internet when searching for solid furniture that’s long lasting in appeal and function, why?

As American furniture manufacturers focused on solid wood furniture we can’t help but watch consumer demand for solid wood furniture and furniture made in the USA in general. It is after all what we produce here in the Adirondack foothills of upstate New York. We’ve long since understood the value of sturdy solid wood furniture over flimsy cheap particle board furniture that can only be assembled once in one location of the house. Forget moving it, it may never work the same way again.

That’s why we continue to make the commitment to affordable, solid wood furniture backed by quality, honest customer care. So why solid wood? We think so many are searching for it because it has lasting natural beauty and durability. For us, making our furniture from solid wood is as natural as it gets, and we think our customers feel the same. The American hardwoods that we use for our furniture are native Northeastern hardwood species like White Ash, Red Maple, Beech, and more. These species produce beautiful wood that is ideal for crafting quality solid wood furniture with timeless appeal. Something we think many customers are searching for: honest, sturdy, solid furniture. So when customers search for solid wood furniture and buy ours, they can be certain that it has been built out of high quality local wood that will last for decades. This durability ensures that Manchester Wood furniture is an excellent possibility for those interested in heirloom pieces.

View our solid wood species and finish choices here. Our affordable furniture is solid furniture. Long lasting in appeal and function. That’s solid wood furniture built for everyone to outlast everyone. Maybe why it’s such a popular keyword to search? Have you searched for ‘solid wood furniture,’ did you find us that way? What do you think makes people aware of solid wood furniture?

Solid Wood Furniture is American Furniture.

Since the early days of American made, solid wood furniture was there.

Solid Wood Furniture - Shaker Tables
22″ Square Cherry Shaker End Table

At Manchester Wood we live American made. Our solid wood furniture handcrafted in America isn’t just simply made in USA furniture. It’s made in USA furniture for made in USA people. From the outdoors with the quintessential style of American fashion in vacation and relaxation with our Adirondack Folding Chairs. Made and inspired in the heart of the Adirondacks. To the legendary early-American shaker furniture style with our Shaker Collection. We touch from the newest age of solid wood furniture made in America with our new Urban Camp Collection, to the “Golden Age” mid-century with our Retro Collection and Adirondack Collection, to the earliest of days of what made American pride in Shaker, Cherry, and Mission furniture.

We make solid wood furniture because that’s what we were taught. So that’s just what we do. And we do a fine job if you ask the 38 years of vendors and customers whom we’ve provided the finest in American made furniture to.

What screams American tradition to you? What marks the sign of a true authentic American made furniture brand? Our family started logging in Red Bank, NJ before bridges were built to New York City. We started manufacturing and tried suits on in the 50’s. Shaking hands with J.C. Penney himself and delivering on a promise we still keep today. Quality, affordable, solid wood furniture made in the USA that puts people to work in America. You can’t beat that for true American.

Shop our 100% Made in USA furniture here, and enjoy Free Shipping Always with every order, backed by our Quality Guarantee.