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Cherry Coffee Tables at Manchester WoodThe delight of cherry coffee tables can be found in our American made furniture.

From the Round Cherry Coffee Tables (pictured right), Oval Cherry Coffee Tables, and an assortment of Shaker Cherry Coffee Tables, Manchester Wood has what you’re looking for when it comes to authentic solid cherry furniture.

Our solid wood coffee tables are authentically made with solid hardwood. And with our cherry coffee table it’s specifically American cherry hardwood. Resourced locally in well-maintained forests in New England and upstate New York. Made with an emphasis on quality to ensure they will last for many years; as with the rest of our solid wood furniture collections. The delicate yet strong solid cherry furniture is no exception.

Available in either Natural Cherry or Heritage Cherry stain resistant lacquer finishes, our cherry coffee tables are sure to be a conversation piece in your living space as they have been for many over the last 30 years. Discover the richness of this affordable, handcrafted, solid wood furniture option today. You’ll find the delight that only cherry coffee tables bring to a home. Our customers have found truly authentic American made furniture choices at Manchester Wood. Both modern and traditional. All of them accessible and ageless in their features. The cherry coffee tables have been a rising customer favorite for the very reason it bridges all these apparent gaps in home design. Whether going for a traditional or modern look for your home, the choices in cherry coffee table have you covered. Make the centerpiece of your living space with a solid wood coffee table to last long and stand sturdy as your daily life bustles around it. 100% Made in USA, Free Shipping Always, and a Quality Guarantee. Crafted right at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of upstate New York.

Cherry Wood Furniture: Tradition Meets Modern

Solid Cherry Wood Furniture Collection at Manchester WoodThe timeless appeal of cherry wood furniture captures every room.

The Solid Cherry wood furniture collection at Manchester Wood carries a wide variety of cherry coffee tables, cherry end tables, sofa tables, and more cherry wood furniture options that provide functioning allure to your home design. Harvested locally from American Black Cherry wood, our solid cherry furniture is sure to appeal. Contemporary furniture designs in the collection, such as the 22″ Square Cherry End Table, or the Oval Cherry Coffee Table are difficult to deny in their rich finish choices of Natural or Heritage Cherry. They impart a sense of sophistication to a wide range of home settings. The Solid Cherry wood collection also features the classic Shaker furniture style with choices like the elegant Cherry Shaker Console Table. Also the popular 36″ Wide Cherry Shaker Coffee Table and 22″ Square Cherry Shaker End Table. Our cherry wood furniture assortment is sure to offer several home design options, bridging the gap between traditional and modern between these two aesthetics.

Nothing speaks American craftsmanship more than the natural flair cherry wood furniture provides. Its grain is subtle, yet mystical and inviting. Telling the story of the tree it once was while showcasing the beautiful solid wood furniture piece it now is. All of our solid wood cherry furniture is ‘Made in USA’ 100% in Upstate New York. Manchester Wood has been producing quality solid wood furniture for over 30 years. Built to last as an heirloom wood furniture piece, with Free Shipping Always on every order and backed by our Quality Guarantee. That’s what has allowed our small family business to be the legacy furniture brand ‘made in America’ that it is today.

Available in rich Heritage Cherry or Natural Cherry finishes – See more at:
Available in rich Heritage Cherry or Natural Cherry finishes – See more at:

Our Beautiful American Made Cherry Furniture

22" Square Cherry Shaker End Table

Although we specialize in mostly solid ash hardwood furniture, we’d like to think here at Manchester Wood we craft some beautiful solid cherry furniture also. Our cherry furniture is produced from hardwood like our ash, so it’s truly solid cherry, and it’s built to last as with the rest of our solid wood furniture. We pride ourselves on making that type of heirloom quality furniture a family could pass down, or you could find in mint condition years later at an antique shop.

Our Solid Cherry collection encompasses cherry coffee tables and cherry end tables, as well as other media TV stands. Items like our Round Cherry Coffee Table, which adds sophistication and character to a wide variety of rooms. Or our Cherry Shaker Coffee Table, featuring classic shaker lines combined with modern home decor styling to merge the past with the present in design.

All our cherry wood furniture pieces are available in rich Heritage Cherry or Natural Cherry finishes. The wood is also handpicked from select solid American cherry, as with our Cherry Media Stand. Its sleek design provides plenty of room for a TV and all other media, from the digital box to the DVD player to your children’s favorite video game console.

Also including an array of cherry end tables, our 22″ Square Cherry End Table tends to be a popular one. The 22″ Square Cherry End Table easily fits with a wide variety of decorating styles and settings. The solid wood end table has a top that’s 22″ square and stands 23″ high.

A stain resistant lacquer finish is applied on all our solid cherry furniture, which protects your new furniture from wear and tear. 100% made in America by our dedicated employees.

Be sure to check out our Solid Cherry furniture collection today, and find the beauty in craftsmanship and appeal in your home as so many customers have over the past 37 years.