Testimonial: Compact Shaker Solid Wood Desk

Solid Wood Desk: Testimonial

Check out this testimonial on our Compact Shaker Solid Wood Desk available now.

This is a high quality piece of furniture. Assembly instructions were easy to follow. The wood is beautiful, and the desk is a great addition to the room where it’s placed. I’m using it for an extra large computer monitor, and there’s enough room to place the speakers on either side. The drawer opens and closes easily.

I had hoped that it would be sturdy and as attractive as it appears to be in the photo online. It’s both! If you’re on this fence, I’d strongly recommend that you buy it, and I expect you’ll be as pleased with it as I am.

Customer service was outstanding, and the delivery was prompt.”

– Pj, ManchesterWood.com Customer

Solid Wood Desk: You’ll Want It

What you work on is important to you. Where you work on it is just as important. Bring inspiration to your space in classic design and American craftsmanship with a solid wood desk.

Solid Wood Desk - Mission Compact Desk - Manchester WoodA solid wood desk is a great piece of furniture. You might think you already have one, but you may not. How sturdy is it? When you rock it side-to-side does it feel like it’s going to fall apart? At Manchester Wood we’ll provide you a solid wood desk.

From our mission desks, shaker desks, and other unique, yet practical solid wood desks, such as our Compact Workstation Table, the Campaign Desk, or Green Mountain Writer’s Drop Desk Cabinet, you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

A desk is a very American piece of furniture. It is a workspace for the industrious and the studious, and various models can be found in offices, schools and homes throughout the country. Their ubiquity is evidenced by the kinds of people who use them; from the President of the United States on down to kindergarten classes, desks help a variety of executives, professionals and students accomplish their goals in a timely and organized manner.

There are many advantages to working at a desk, as compared to some other surface. For example, desks are designed specifically with activities like typing and studying in mind, which gives them an ergonomic advantage over many less specialized pieces of furniture. Also, many desks feature combinations of drawers, cubbyholes and shelves that are useful for organizing things like office and writing supplies. We believe you’ll find these advantages and activities supported by our sturdy solid wood desk made entirely of hardwood in America. All our desks, as with the rest of our solid wood furniture is offered with our FREE SHIPPING Always promise. Quite a savings when talking North American hardwood furniture crafted in America arriving at your door and checkbook at an affordable rate.

“Quality and affordability, you’ll find Manchester Wood the best at that.”

Discover why today with our solid wood desks.

Already have a desk from us? Let us know how you feel about our solid wood desks?

Solid Wood Desks: New Era Compact Workstation

Solid Wood Desks, End TablesThe rarity of this solid wood desk, end table, chair is apparent.

When we hit the drawing board for the new Compact Workstation Table we weren’t sure what we’d come back with. The solid wood table takes inspiration from the old “gossip benches” where people used to sit and doodle or take notes when phones were actually still connected to walls. Although the era of that necessity has long since past we still believed something else could be reintroduced from its origins.

The Compact Workstation Table is a solid wood desk doubling as an end table with storage. It offers an array of great uses. We’ve heard the idea of it being perfect for a kid’s room for homework and computer time, to living room or even bedroom furniture in handling paperwork and after work emails for adults.

Our solid wood desks are some of the finest pieces of American made furniture we produce, a proud staple in many home offices. However, nothing quite compares to the Compact Workstation Table. Introduced this past month in our “New for 2014” collection, this solid wood desk, end table combination is ensured by our Quality Guarantee and takes a few bold consumers to set the trend of a traditional, modern, practical, and versatile item in space-saving form. The Compact Workstation Table really has all we’re looking for in a solid wood desk for home.

As with all our solid wood desks, and solid wood furniture for that matter, the Compact Workstation Table is produced from local North American hardwood in closely maintained forests which are regulated to meet environmentally conscious codes. Our furniture made in the USA is all built to last generations with every order arriving at your door with Free Shipping Always.

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