Testimonial: Cherry Coffee Table

Cherry Coffee Table: Manchester Wood TestimonialA Cherry Coffee Table can be a prized piece in a home. It’s rich, beautiful wood and warm natural coloring have adorned homes for centuries. Imagine finding this premium heritage furniture at an affordable price, and made in America? You’ll find that and more in our Solid Cherry furniture collection. Where quality and price meet like they used to…

“We just received our oval cherry coffee table. Absolutely beautiful!!! My husband said it was wonderful putting together a piece of American made furniture with American parts. We are looking forward to receiving the matching end tables.” -Lori, ManchesterWood.com Customer

Whether you’re shopping for a cherry coffee table like Lori, or looking for other cherry tables and furniture accents, take a look at what we have to offer at ManchesterWood.com. We’re delighted at serving our customers and especially hearing from them like Lori has so graciously done.

We appreciate all our customers over the last 38 years and counting… Have you purchased cherry furniture from us? If so, what was your experience?

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