Testimonial: Compact Shaker Solid Wood Desk

Solid Wood Desk: Testimonial

Check out this testimonial on our Compact Shaker Solid Wood Desk available now.

This is a high quality piece of furniture. Assembly instructions were easy to follow. The wood is beautiful, and the desk is a great addition to the room where it’s placed. I’m using it for an extra large computer monitor, and there’s enough room to place the speakers on either side. The drawer opens and closes easily.

I had hoped that it would be sturdy and as attractive as it appears to be in the photo online. It’s both! If you’re on this fence, I’d strongly recommend that you buy it, and I expect you’ll be as pleased with it as I am.

Customer service was outstanding, and the delivery was prompt.”

– Pj, ManchesterWood.com Customer

2 Responses to “Testimonial: Compact Shaker Solid Wood Desk”

  1. Jenny

    Great to hear! I am terrible at putting things together, so it’s nice to hear that assembly is easy — and it’s a gorgeous piece of furniture!

2 Responses to “Testimonial: Compact Shaker Solid Wood Desk”

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