Vermont Celebrates Ash Trees via AP

Ash Tree Awareness Week Much of Manchester Wood’s popular hardwood furniture comes from the Ash Tree. Our neighboring state and home of our company’s founding, where many of us live and resource from, including our illustrious forests highlights this beautiful and abundant wildlife.

MONTPELIER (AP) – The Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation is highlighting the importance of the ash tree.

The department’s Urban and Community Forestry program is working with a number of other state and federal agencies to host a series of events to celebrate the importance of the tree.

Ash Tree Awareness Week is scheduled from April 27 through May 3.

There are an estimated 160 million ash trees in Vermont.

Officials fear for the future of the ash tree. In 2002 an invasive species, the Emerald Ash Borer, was found in North America. It has not been found in Vermont, but it has been found in neighboring states and Quebec.

The week will be highlighted by a number of nature walks so people can see areas inhabited by ash trees.

Read about our practices with this beautiful tree if you’d like, and see what type of finishes we come up with using it. Everything we do is consciously harvested and we resource with lumber communities who actively care for the land we call home.

Manchester Wood designs and produces quality, affordable, eco-friendly solid wood furniture in the Adirondack foothills of Upstate New York.

4 Responses to “Vermont Celebrates Ash Trees via AP”

  1. Marilyn Haggerty

    Isn’t ash a hardwood? The trees are so beautiful – I think more people should consider ash when they are thinking of purchasing one of your beautiful creations.

  2. Manchester Wood

    It is Marilyn! Thanks for saying that as it gave us clarity to make sure we let folks know that. Thank you for the kind words! 🙂

  3. Jen Anderson

    Love the sturdy Ash! So many were decimated by a virus when I lived in NY – glad to see it on the rebound in some areas.

4 Responses to “Vermont Celebrates Ash Trees via AP”

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