At Manchester Wood we attribute our success as a family business to our dedication to making quality, solid wood handcrafted furniture and to the principles that guide us:


Throughout every stage of production at Manchester Wood, skilled craftsmanship dovetails with ethical, thoughtful practices that lend our furniture lasting value. We believe that every part of the furniture crafting process is critical to its success and to the high standards our customers expect. From the sustainably managed forests from which we source our hardwoods to the sawdust byproducts that our local farms turn into animal bedding, we at Manchester Wood believe that eco-consciousness benefits not only our environment, but the very quality and value of our product. Every step we take and each resource we use, are carefully chosen to offer our customers the best in American made furniture.


Time and again, our customers tell us that our honesty as woodworkers is reflected in the quality of our furniture. Their satisfaction confirms to us that we’re meeting our simple objective: to provide each and every customer with a high quality product, keep it affordable, and build it to last a very long time. All Manchester Wood furniture is made in the USA from solid natural wood. No substitutions. No shortcuts. Just heirloom quality solid wood furniture designed to last for generations. Quality and affordable pricing is our honest mission when producing Manchester Wood furniture.


Manchester Wood has been a family-run business since the day it was founded in 1976. “Family” is also how we think of our employees, many who have been with us for 20 years or more. We believe it takes community to reach common goals and we credit our Manchester Wood community with the creation of our exceptional solid wood furniture and the success of our company. When you own a piece of Manchester Wood furniture, consider that it reflects the richness of the community that has designed, milled, and crafted it for you.