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Shop our wide selection of American made outdoor wood furniture featuring our collection of original Adirondack furniture. Our American made outdoor Adirondack chairs and tables are ideal in both rural and urban outdoor locations. Their name comes from the fact that the first Adirondack wood chair was designed in the heart of New York’s Adirondack Mountains in the early 1900s. The inventor was vacationing in the Adirondacks and needed outdoor chairs. And so the Adirondacks chair was born.

The wood Adirondack outdoor chairs proved to be quite popular with summer residents in the Adirondacks and sales quickly took off when a local carpenter began mass-producing the wooden chairs. The original Adirondack chair was constructed out of eleven pieces of wood cut from a single wooden board. The chair had a straight back and seat, which were built at slant to provide comfortable seating on the steep mountainsides of the Adirondacks.

Original Adirondack chairs featured wide armrests as our own wood Adirondack chair models still do this day. However, much about the design has changed from the Adirondack wood chairs of the early 1900s. While our Adirondack chairs are still constructed out of 100% solid wood (except for hardware), we have also made several improvements to the typical design. For one, we use several more than eleven pieces of wood to construct our Adirondacks chairs. The greater number of wood pieces used for our Adirondacks chair allows us to contour their construction to the natural shape of the human body and makes the chair much more comfortable to sit in.

Another innovative feature of our wood Adirondack chairs is that they are foldable. Without folding, Adirondack chairs are bulky and can take up a lot of storage space over the winter; however, our chairs are a breeze to store because they easily fold for compact storage. An Adirondack folding chair is the perfect outdoor wood chair because it provides a comfortable spot to lounge during the summer without chairs cluttering your garage or shed during the winter. Folding our Adirondack chairs is very straightforward and easy. All of them feature rust-resistant hardware for easy folding action. No one wants to waste time struggling to fold a “foldable” Adirondack chair that has rusted shut.

Our Adirondack made outdoor furniture will be a stylish addition to any patio or outdoor setting. In addition to private homes, Adirondacks chairs are also becoming popular as outdoor chairs at cafes and restaurants as their wide, flat armrests on provide a great surface for food and beverages.

Next time you are thinking about luxury outdoor furniture, consider our Adirondack chairs. Stylish and built to last out of solid wood, they are also easy to store, making them the perfect outdoor chair!