Eco-Friendly Furniture

At Manchester Wood the environment matters to us. We believe in sustainable, eco-friendly wood and finishing practices

Our wood furniture is a green solution for the home or the office. The hardwood lumber that we use to manufacture our furniture grows in sustainably managed forests in the Northeast by suppliers that meet strict State and National standards for forest management. These “best management practices” have been developed by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Our goal is to create top quality furniture from beautiful American hardwoods for our customers’ homes and offices with minimal impact on the environment.

GREENGUARD Certification means a low-emitting finish on our products

GREENGUARD Certification emissions limits were first used as purchasing specifications for the US EPA and the State of Washington for furniture and commercial building products. GREENGUARD Certification criteria have been the basis for the LEED credit for low-emitting furniture since 2002. Office furniture products that are GREENGUARD Certified are also compliant with the BIFMA X7.1 standard and BIFMA e3 credit 7.6.1.

A summary of the allowable emission limits for GREENGUARD Certification and GREENGUARD Gold Certification can be found here.

American Wood Furniture is Environmentally Friendly

American-grown wood from sustainable Northeast forests, whether used for furniture or large scale construction, is an environmentally friendly material. Other modern construction materials generate more pollution to manufacture and assemble while consuming more energy and non-renewable natural resources. On the other hand, wood is a biodegradable, recyclable and durable material –when properly cared for wood furniture can last for centuries. Our American wood is eco friendly as it grows in forests of the Northeast, which are on the whole very healthy, exhibiting high natural bio-diversity and providing habitats for many species. The average age of American hardwood forests is also growing older in, another sign of healthy forests.

A lot of cheap wood furniture is produced using lumber harvested (sometimes illegally) from forests that are not healthy at all. At Manchester Wood, we use American hardwoods, such as white ash and soft maple, to produce all of our premier-quality wood furniture and accessories because we believe in caring for our environment. Our green wood furniture is built from wood that is a renewable, abundant and sustainable. Six trees are planted for every one harvested in the U.S. Furthermore, hardwood trees regenerate naturally. Sustainable forestry practices encourage and promote this natural cycle. Even though the population has grown over 165 percent since 1920, the U.S. has approximately the same amount of forestland now as it did then. Currently, growth exceeds harvest by 47 percent. If hardwood trees suddenly stopped growing, we would have enough hardwood timber to last us 75 years at the present rate of consumption.

Perhaps the primary reason that American hardwoods are sustainable source of material for eco friendly furniture design and manufacturing is the fact that timber is a sustainable resource. Trained foresters use green techniques to determine when wood should be harvested to keep forests healthy and productive. Sustainable manufacturing practices center include minimizing waste wood and re-using byproducts i.e. bark becomes mulch and trimmings are processed into paper. Wood manufacturers are continually improving the yields of finished furniture or other products from each tree through improvements in technology and technique; a tree felled today will make more desks than it did 20 years ago. These sustainable practices preserve our natural resources for future generations and keep our planet green and healthy.

Environmentally Friendly Harvesting Practices

Favorable growing conditions across much of the U.S. including the Northeast mean that its hardwood forests are most effectively sustained through natural regeneration. Hardwood trees reproduce themselves naturally either by seedlings or sprouts from roots and stumps. Foresters practice eco friendly techniques to work in step with nature’s cycle, thereby ensuring a sustainable supply of timber for wood products. A good example of such techniques is selective harvesting. Instead of clear-cutting width patches of land, specific trees or small groups of trees are designated for harvest to minimize the impact on the environment. Single tree harvesting mimics nature, where single trees or small groups of trees die and fall, or are blown down by strong winds. Such harvesting practices encourage new timber growth and biodiversity. Eco friendly harvesting techniques help forests to regenerate and renew themselves – and their supply of wood – naturally. All of our furniture is made from wood that has been certified as environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We take pride in doing our part for the environment

Manchester Wood has a close link with our natural environment due to the nature of our work. We make our wood furniture as green as possible by using lumber from sustainable Northeast hardwood forests and adhering to eco friendly manufacturing techniques whether we are making a desk for the office or an accent table for the home. The growing use of certification standards in America that are defined by organizations such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative means that there is a steadily supply of green or eco friendly timber for the manufacture of wood products and we are proud to manufacture all of our furniture and accessories from eco friendly wood that is grown and harvested in accordance with SFI-certified standards. If you are looking for wood furniture and want to help take care of our environment, then please consider our home and office products. You won’t be disappointed!