Furniture Collections

Solid Wood Furniture Collections

Manchester Wood is deeply committed to providing quality furniture collections to the consumer. We’re able to produce timeless style for every décor in beautiful solid hardwood, like with our Shaker furniture, just as we craft stylish contemporary furniture, like our Slate Top furniture, in the same breath. Most importantly, though, all of our furniture collections, whether they’re classic, contemporary, or somewhere in between, are made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. We make sure our furniture is built to last for generations. Our ultimate goal, in fact, is to produce the furniture that will show up in antique shops, still in pristine, mint condition, some time in the future.

Whichever collection you choose – Shaker furniture or Slate Top furniture – you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of home office furniture and contemporary furniture. Now, it’s not as if the Shakers of yore were reclining in office chairs as they worked feverishly on their laptops, but we’ve taken cues from their classic designs and updated them to fit the modern age. Isn’t that what true style is all about – taking the good from the old and merging it with the contemporary? As people living in the 21st century, we have the good fortune to be able to pick and choose from thousands of years of fashion and tradition. At Manchester Wood, we take what worked back then and apply it to our modern furniture collections, including Shaker furniture and Slate Top furniture.

But whatever collection you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be purchasing a good set of solid wood furniture. We don’t use particleboard or fake wood here; nothing but real, solid wood for us. We make sure to source our solid wood furniture only from sustainable, renewable sources of hardwood. When you buy from us, you’re getting style, tradition, durability, and environmentalism.