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Mission Style Furniture

Mission style furniture

Mission & Craftsman Style Furniture is a Manchester Wood Staple

Mission Style furniture has its roots in the American Arts and Crafts movement that began during the end of the 19th century. Since then, the Mission Style has become a fixture in countless American homes. Manchester Wood’s Mission Collection draws on this rich tradition to bring you a wide variety of quality furniture.

The most striking feature of Mission style furniture is its rectilinear solid wood construction, which features straight, vertical lines. This allows us to showcase the grain of our rich North American hardwood. These pieces of furniture are elegant, yet durable, and are sure to complement almost any room in your house.

Our Mission Style Bookcases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our Underwindow Bookcase with Adjustable Shelf is compact, but offers plenty of storage, in large part thanks to the adjustable shelf which minimizes wasted space. Customers in need of something larger should check out our Mission Bookcase, which offers plenty of space spread across five shelves. Our bookcases are great for books, but they can also be used to display photos, help you organize your closet or showing off prized possessions.

Our Mission Collection, like all of our furniture, is built using only the finest, sustainably Harvested North American hardwood. Like all true Mission Furniture, our pieces are built using the finest craftsmanship right here in the USA. We are so confident in the construction of our furniture that we offer a 100% Quality Guarantee on all pieces. If you chose our Mission Furniture, you won’t be disappointed.