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Shaker style furniture

Shaker Style Furniture

Shaker furniture is a unique style of wood furniture developed by the Shakers who were a religious group that immigrated to America from Manchester, England in 1774. Shaker style furniture was inspired by the ascetic religious beliefs the Shakers and came to be widely admired for the furniture’s quality, simplicity, functionality and innovative joinery. Wood Shakers furniture was made for use by members of the Shaker group as well as for sale to the greater public.

A good number of antique Shaker style American furniture pieces have survived the centuries and are preserved in various collections. Preserved pieces of Shaker wood furniture include Shaker tables, Shaker chairs and rocking chairs and Shaker cabinets. This Shaker style furniture can be found in art and historical museums in the United States and England, as well as many private collections. Shaker furniture remains popular today and the fundamental principles behind Shaker wood furniture have given inspiration to many modern furniture makers, including ourselves at Manchester Wood.

Our American made Shaker style furniture matches well match with the décor of any house and includes Shaker desks, Shaker tables, Shaker cabinets, and Shaker coffee tables. Our Shaker Coffee Table is constructed out of fine solid wood and is an outstanding Shaker table made for daily use. Our Large Shaker Desk is another example of our Shaker style furniture. Two drawers can hold documents and pens but its expansive tabletop is large enough for computers, books and printers. Our long-lasting wooden Shaker furniture will add extra style and ambiance to any setting. Our collection of authentic Shaker furniture is made in the USA from the best-quality wood.

The natural grain of the wood and the clean styling of our solid wood Shaker style furniture fit well with any piece of furniture or setting. Our Shaker Entertainment Console is a great choice – for flat-screen television sets and other audio-video (AV) equipment. The center doors on the Shaker style cabinet swing open for access to two shelves, for a DVD player, cable television box, etc. Discover our top-of-line Shaker Sofa Table , a truly unique addition to any living room. Place candles, decorative bowls or antiques on the beautiful oak or chestnut to add just the right accent to your living room.

All of our Shaker furniture is constructed of solid wood and comes with our guarantee of sturdy quality backed by our 40+ years of experience constructing all types and styles of Shaker wood furniture, including Shaker desks, Shaker tables, and Shaker stands at our plant in upstate New York. Let our Shaker style furniture with a long history in the Northeast and made in the USA grace your house.