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Elegant Slate Top Furniture From Manchester Wood

In 1850, large deposits of colored slate were discovered on the border of Upstate New York and Southern Vermont. Slate was a popular building material at the time, and the economy quickly boomed, with quarries springing up all over the towns of West Pawlet, Vermont and Granville, New York. Waves of immigrant stone workers from Wales and Italy burgeoned the local population and made a lasting cultural impact.

Today, over a century and a half later, Manchester Wood is proud to be a part of this rich and ongoing cultural heritage. Our slate top tables are made at our factory in Granville, which has came to be known as the “Colored Slate Capital of the World.” These distinctive pieces of furniture use local slate that is quarried and split just minutes from our factory, making them part of a century-and-a-half-old tradition of craftsmanship and fine aesthetics.

Within this collection, we are pleased to offer a variety of different pieces to fit any need. For those in looking for something for the living room, we might recommend our Slate Top Coffee Table with Shelf, which offers a large, 33.25” x 24.75” surface, along with a spacious shelf underneath for the storage of books, remotes, board games and much more.

Those looking for something smaller are encouraged to investigate our Slate Top End Table, which offers a more modest 25” x 25” surface. These tables have the exact same styling as our larger Slate Top Coffee Tables, allowing them to be combined handsomely.

Another great slate top offering is our Slate Top Console Table Slate Top Console Table. This versatile piece of furniture features an elegant, wide surface combined with drawers, a shelf and a cabinet. All of these features add up to create great storage capabilities and many potential uses. From media stand to hall table, the Slate Top Console Table can do it all.

Manchester Wood is committed to providing our customers with the best quality product possible. This commitment is why we use only sustainably harvested North American hardwood in our solid wood furniture. It is also why all of our products are 100% made in the USA. Also, as we already mentioned, all of our Slate Top products are made using locally mined and split slate. The result of all of these quality materials and craftsmanship is tasteful, distinctive furniture that represents a proud local culture and history.