Our USA made furniture is built with pride and care by skilled American craftsmen.

Manufacturing takes place at our plant in Granville, New York. The advantages of buying furniture that is made in the USA are many. Our wood furniture is solidly manufactured by American workers with great attention to quality and durability. Furthermore, our furniture is built from eco friendly timber. An additional benefit – beyond good quality and environmentally friendly materials – is that by purchasing furniture made in USA for your home or office furniture you are supporting the national economy and American workers instead of sending your dollars overseas.

American Environmental Standards

Our wood furniture is truly all American: not only is our furniture made in USA, but it is also all constructed out of timber from American hardwood forests. One of the primary advantages of using American-grown timber is the fact that it is better for the environment. American forests are sustainably managed and timber is harvested with environmentally aware techniques. All of the lumber we buy is certified to be green or eco friendly by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Strict SFI standards include auditable monitoring of timber/wood flows, product labeling, and prohibition of any timber that is illegally harvested.

On the other hand, international timber is rarely eco-friendly. Sustainable forestry is unheard of in many countries, which means that a good deal of lumber is harvested without taking the environmental consequences into consideration. This is why forests in other countries are disappearing, while woodland in America is actually expanding. The problem is not always that other countries fail to take their forests into account, but that they do not always have the resources to enforce their rules and regulations. Without enforcement, timber smugglers are able to operate. Harvesting the most valuable trees from old-growth forests, smugglers do irreparable damage to the environment and deprive countries of a vital resource. The United States is fortunate to have not only the resources to manage its forests sustainably, but also a number of timber associations, such as the NHLA, the Hardwood Manufacturers Association, the Hardwood Forest Foundation and the Hardwood Federation that provide important information and resources for USA furniture makers and consumers.

Buying American made wood furniture from Manchester Wood instead of imported furniture has many advantages. All of our home and office furniture is constructed out of NHLA graded wood to ensure quality and durability. It is complete made in USA furniture, manufactured by American workers with years of experience. Our furniture will outlast cheap, knockoff imports by years and in buying it you will also be supporting American workers. Besides the quality and economic benefits of buying Manchester Wood’s USA made furniture is the fact that our furniture is better for our planet and our environment. Buying cheap imported furniture may save you a dollar or two in the short run, but it is no substitute for our made in USA furniture. Wood furniture USA made by Manchester Wood will last many generations as heirloom pieces that can handed down within a family. Please take some time to browse our website or come visit us at our store in Granville, New York.

Local materials and traditions are a big part of the wood furniture that we make.

Part of our philosophy at Manchester Wood is that by using local materials, we can fashion furniture made in USA that has a unique, local character. We believe that this character is a big part of what gives our wood furniture its charm and enables it to fit in well with many different surroundings. One of our slate top coffee tables would look just as natural in a modern apartment as it would in a country farmhouse. We are fortunate to be situated in an area – the Vermont-New York State border – that is rich in the resources we need for our wood furniture. Local forests provide us with plenty of high quality hardwood and even the slate we use for our slate top furniture comes from local slate quarries. Buying our materials locally not only means we can expect top quality, but also means that each piece of our furniture is filled with the regional character of the Northeast.

Local Slate

Slate top tables are perhaps the most unique items that we manufacture and they are very popular with our customers, especially the slate top coffee table. Worked by our in-house craftsmen, the slate tables are made out of hardwood with a slate inlay on top. They are available in golden oak or chestnut finishes. If you are interested in a slate top table, please be aware that the color of the finish affects how the color of the slate looks; please see our product listing for pictures. We use unfading green slate for all of our slate top furniture.

The slate inlay on the tops of our tables means that they are more durable and stain resistant than similar tables that have plain wooden tops. Additionally, slate top coffee and accent tables can add a unique touch of style to any room they are placed in and they fit easily with both rustic and modern motifs. The compact size of our slate top coffee tables is also good for conserving space. It is our mission at Manchester Wood to produce the highest quality wood furniture and this includes our slate top tables. We guarantee that our customers will be pleased with the high quality and atheistic design of our slate top tables.

The most unique aspect of the slate top tables that we make at Manchester Wood is the degree to which they are imbued with local history and character. The slate for our tables is quarried right next door to our Granville, New York plant at one of the largest slate quarries in the Northeast. he slate mined in Granville comes from a vein of slate known as the Slate Valley, which extends for approximately twenty-four miles along the New York-Vermont State border. This is what we use for all of our slate top furniture. The Slate Valley is one of the few places in the world where colored slate abounds. Indeed, slate from Vermont and New York quarries is well-known and highly regarded by the slate community due to the abundance of different colors and its durability. Around the beginning of the twentieth century, slate was discovered in the region and many Welsh slate workers (Wales is another region that has a lot of slate) immigrated to the area. Today the quarries remain although they are now worked by local workers, whose efforts we are proud to support. The proximity of the slate quarries to our furniture plant means that we are never short on materials. Every slate top table produced by Manchester Wood is crafted from high quality hardwood and topped with a fine slate inlay that is full of local history and completely American made.

Regardless of the piece of furniture you are interested in, you can be sure that all of the furniture we make at Manchester Wood will add character and style to whatever room in which it is placed. We guarantee that all of our customers will be satisfied with our USA made furniture. It is manufactured with care by skilled craftsmen with years of experience from the highest quality raw materials available. The care that goes into the construction of all of our wood furniture means that it will last for many years, gaining in character as it ages. We are thankful to be situated in Vermont and New York. It is a beautiful area that is full of flavor, which is reflected in the character of our furniture.