Solid Wood Bookshelves & All Wood Bookcases


Solid Wood Bookshelves and Bookcases

Our solid wood bookshelves and bookcases are a great way to elegantly store books or any other similarly sized items. Before the advent of the printing press, books were written by hand and therefore it was rare for anyone to own more than a few. Those who were fortunate enough to own a number of books typically stored them on shelves or in cupboards with doors. These cupboards, typically constructed out of wood, are the ancestors of modern day all wood bookcases. Eventually, the cupboard doors were done away with and the style that we are familiar with today took shape. However, even at this stage books were not ordered on their shelves as they are today: books were typically laid flat and stacked on a shelf or they were placed upright, but with their spines facing into the bookshelf instead of out of it.

This bookshelf arrangement may seem odd, but makes sense because at this point in history books were bound with a leather strap and the titles were written on the part of the strap that would face out of the wooden bookcase. However, once printing was invented two things changed: first, people could afford more books (and consequently needed more bookcases for storage) and second, the spine because the standard location for a book's title. Early examples were often made out of oak wood and many people still consider oak to be the most appropriate wood type of an elegant library or study.

We offer a variety of all wood bookcases and bookshelves in a variety of finishes, including our two most popular colors: oak and chestnut. All of our bookcases are solid wood furniture pieces that will last generations and add elegance to any room, which we back with our 100% Quality Gaurantee on every piece of furniture that we sell.

Solid wood bookshelves are never limited to books either; they are versatile pieces of wooden furniture that can store or display any number of items. We design several of our models with adjustable shelves so that the shelving heights can be adjusted; allowing our customers to customize spaces for smaller or larger items. Models we make that feature adjustable shelving include our solid wood Underwindow Bookcase with Adjustable Shelf, our 30" Tall Console Bookcase and our Mission Bookcase (available in golden oak, chestnut, espresso, or driftwood grey finish).

We also make a number of all wood bookcases with fixed shelving if adjustment isn't an important feature. For example, our Studio 5 Shelf Slant Stand and our Studio 5 Shelf Corner Stand. Next time you need some more storage space or shelving, think about getting some of our solid wooden solid wood bookshelves. They will add efficient storage along with style and elegance to any setting.