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Solid Wood Folding TV Tray Sets

A New Take on a Classic Piece of American Furniture

Popularized during the 1950s due to the advent of television, folding tray tables have remained a popular item with the American public due to their versatility and convenience: TV trays are quick and easy to set up and fold away for easy storage. At Manchester Wood, we offer a full line of quality built modern folding tray tables in a variety of shapes, which include rectangular, oval, and contoured and finishes. As is only appropriate for a quintessential American furniture piece, all of our folding wood tray tables are entirely made in the USA by our dedicated employees.

Originally designed to be a convenient surface from which people could eat while watching TV, tray tables were first advertised on a national scale in 1952, a year before Swanson introduced the TV dinner in 1953. Early television trays were often sold in sets of four with a stand for storage when not in use, which was typically placed in the corner of the living room. Today, we offer our solid wood folding TV tray tables in sets of either two or four. And like the early models, our folding tray tables do come with a rack for convenient storage.

Although the inventor of the folding TV tray table is unknown, TV tray sets have certainly left their stamp on American culture. The first folding TV trays were built out of metal; however, tray tables are now available in a wide range of materials. Our solid wood folding television tray tables are built entirely from ash hardwood harvested from sustainable American forests. As the materials and designs for foldable tray have changed over the years, their uses have broadened as well. Tray tables are no longer synonymous with eating dinner in front of the television; today’s folding tray tables function as portable work spaces, temporary side tables, and laptop stands.