Organic Farm at Manchester Wood

Organic Farming at Manchester Wood: Really?

Yes... We believe in the farm that much.

Our area is filled with open fields and rolling hills; rows of corn, and wafts of cow manure. This is home... And we care very much for the local farmer. So much so that we’ve dedicated 14 acres of our land to a local young group under the name Fresh Take Farm.

About Fresh Take Farm

Fresh Take Farm uses 100% natural methods for their growing of produce. All materials used in production are in accordance with USDA Organic standards. Fresh Take Farm uses a wide variety of preparation, planting, and cultivation techniques to build up soil fertility, ensure plant health, and control weed pressure for better crops. They are “Certified Naturally Grown.” (a grassroots alternative to Certified Organic, based on the standards of the National Organic Program)

The great thing about offering our land to Fresh Take on the Mettowee River behind our mill, is that not only is it rich in soil for great food, but we get weekly loads of it through the Summer and Fall! Most of our employees at Manchester Wood really love to cook with it, or simply enjoy as is!