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Mother’s Day 20% Off Sale on Tea Cup/Mug Stand!

April 30, 2013
Tea Cup/Mug Stand

Tea Cup/Mug Stand

This Mother’s Day celebrate mom with a quality made in USA product made of solid hardwood that offers a place for her coffee or tea while relaxing or reading. Manchester Wood’s unique Tea Cup/Mug Stand is an antique Americana inspiration. A quintessential historic early American solid wood furniture piece that comes from our $64 Gifts for U.S. Jobs Collection, which endeavors to stimulate the American economy by offering our customers affordable pieces of furniture that encourage U.S. job growth.

Gift that special woman in your life and support American jobs with 20% off an already affordable $64 item bringing your total to just over $50 including free shipping (always)!

Type “Mom” in the coupon code box at checkout on when you order yours today. Offer runs from April 30th through Mother’s Day, May 12th.

Read our online reviews about this product:

“I am very pleased with the tea cup stand. It is well made and nice looking. It was just what I needed beside a chair that did not have space for an end table. I like it so well, I may order another one.” -JB, 1/3/13

“Very good concept, wide enough to fit any size mug or cup. Can move it anyplace in or outside. Just put it out of the way when not needed. Answers the need when you need a place to set a cup or glass when standing or sitting.” -RJ, 12/27/12

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The Resurgence of American Manufacturing

April 29, 2013

From the mills of colonial New England, to the steel plants of the Midwest, manufacturing has long been a key component of the American economy. Unfortunately, the general trend since the middle of the twentieth century has been downward. After taking a particularly stiff drubbing during the so-called Great Recession, American manufacturing has finally started to show signs of improvement over the past couple of years.

What’s remarkable about Manchester Wood is that we started making solid wooden furniture during the mid 70’s, just as American manufacturing was entering its long slide and jobs were starting to be shipped to places like Mexico or Taiwan and later China. Despite the general trend of outsourcing, we remained committed to American made furniture.

The Hanover Media and Gaming Stand

The Hanover Media and Gaming Stand

One recent encouraging sign for the U.S. economy is a growing for enthusiasm American made products. A recent study indicated that more than of 80% of Americans are willing to spend additional money on an American product instead of paying less for a comparable foreign product. This is great news for us: instead of cheap, foreign, particle board coffee tables, solid wood American furniture is coming back into vogue. Furthermore, as people start to tire of their foreign-made furniture deteriorating and breaking due to poor workmanship or materials, they are realizing the sense in spending a bit more money on durable, quality furniture made in the U.S.A.

If you are interested in U.S.A. made furniture, check out our solid wood TV stands. These stands are designed to enhance your home entertainment setup while still preserving the traditional charm of solid wood furniture.

Not only is our furniture 100% made in the U.S.A., it is also green. All of our lumber comes from certified sustainable North American forests, so you can be sure that you are supporting the American economy without jeopardizing the environment.


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High Point Market & It’s Sneak Peek at 2014 Trends

April 25, 2013

As a business solely dedicated to American furniture manufacturing from the Adirondack foothills in which we mill and craft our solid wood furniture – as well as the place we call our home, the High Point Furniture Market this spring showed tremendous growth potential for Made in USA furniture, and the housing and furniture market at large. It appears the rebound of the economy is in full swing with housing sales continuously rising since the last market in fall of last year. With new homes comes new furniture, with new jobs comes new inspiration, and at High Point this year we learned a few things. We found our shaker furniture style is desirable across the many, many cultures that are represented at High Point. There is a connectedness, like-mindedness in honesty, and a quality of high craftsmanship that is found in Manchester Wood furniture; and how great it was to be acknowledged by so many who stopped and visited our booth.

Our Spring High Point Market Showroom.

Our Spring High Point Market Showroom.

We’re famous for our Adirondack folding chairs, but we received most acclaim this market for our solid cherry furniture; namely the cherry coffee tables and cherry end tables with a natural beauty, a timelessness that only solid cherry provides.

The most important thing that was made clear to us this market was that USA made furniture is competitive again, not only for its quality, but also for the socioeconomic changes that are coming to be in China. They too as a nation are requesting a life of higher quality, with a better pay, and rightfully so. We never took advantage of the downtrodden social crisis in China and other foreign lands where manufacturing could be done pennies on a dollar compared to working in the US. We stayed as the Market Press reported in their article of us while at High Point, “a family business since day one…staying with the made in USA tradition.” The options of course of outsourcing were tempting due to the profit margins, but we knew we’d lose our integrity of producing quality furniture with ethical standard. So we stuck it out, continued to design and grow in ways we knew to survive. This market proved the surviving days for American furniture manufacturers are ending with more and more business returning to the U.S. We’re the strongest we’ve been in years and we’ll continue to develop new furniture and collections constantly for your enjoyment as well as continuing to provide pieces that have proven themselves as requested by you, our loyal customers.

Snapshot of our Market Press article.

Snapshot of Market Press article.

For your interest in upcoming trends, as well as for ours as we’ll be watching closely and taking into strong consideration all that is happening in the market. We will be designing fresh new looks for your enjoyment for the rest of 2013, 2014 and beyond. High Point Market partnered with WGSN-HomeBuildLife to bring top trends for 2014. The trends were broken down into three categories – Neo-Geo, Next Nature, and N.D.A. as described below. Perhaps it’ll help you in designing your new home, your dream home, or reinventing the space you’re presently living in! All in all, expect great things to come from Manchester Wood, your American made furniture supplier these coming seasons, and the quality living product we provide.

The layering of geological formations is key in textiles and surface materials. Mineral and stone patterns dominate and a crafted minimalism help people enjoy real-time versus virtual-time.
Next Nature
Boundaries between humanity, technology, and design are redrawn as we find architecture winding through the forest and furniture growing like plants.
“New Digital Aesthetics” (NDA) – Designers are creating a new “rendered reality,” with real objects that look as if they belong in a virtual world. Infinite pixelization, a fading of edges, and designs that seem to go on infinitely are key.

Manchester Wood has designed and produced quality, affordable, eco-friendly solid wood American made furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York for over 35 years.