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June 2013

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood

Quality Solid Wood Furniture

June 28, 2013
Due out Fall 2013: The Urban Camp Collection

Due out Fall 2013: The Urban Camp Collection

In our blogs we often stress the importance of American made and how our furniture is made in the USA, which is special and note-worthy. However we really should spend more time just simply marketing the high quality solid wood furniture we provide to our customers; regardless of the steps we take to get it there.

Our solid wood furniture pieces are not only beautiful; they’re carefully crafted with a precision and functionality of well thought-out craftspeople. Inspections are performed throughout all processes that create wood furniture of long-lasting heirloom quality. Stringently tested, each step of our manufacturing is key in making furniture that will last generations.

“Heirloom quality,” “built to last,” “lasts for generations,” these are phrases we not only use to promote our product but staples to our success.

With the one-liners aside, in a tough economy buy something your grandkids can use… then theirs… backed by our Quality Guarantee. 100% Made in USA. Free Shipping Always.

American made furniture is what we are. Quality solid wood furniture is what we do.

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Shaker Furniture Style Revisited: Glass Top

June 24, 2013

Our Glass Top Collection is a unique solid wood furniture design; incorporating quality tempered glass and locally resourced hardwood lumber to create one of our more popular looks in merging contemporary, modern, traditional, and timeless American shaker furniture style that makes the heirloom essence of Manchester Wood furniture qualified for past, present, and future use.

Glass Top Coffee Table

Glass Top Coffee Table

While the solid ash frame with slatted shelf design complements a range of styles from cottage to traditional, the wood in furniture that supports the glass top makes this American made furniture built to last. It’s made for your lifetime use… then your grand-kids… and then theirs. In a tough economy what speaks more as furniture made in the USA than that? You can always expect 100% Made in USA furniture when you shop Manchester Wood. Which in turn supports our economy and your community while using quality products that carry Free Shipping Always on every order – as you’ll see in our marketing. That’s a big savings when talking furniture!

We believe in our company policies (such as Free Shipping Always and our Quality Guarantee), in the revival of new American economics, and the strength and skill of the hardworking people who inhabit this land of ours. That’s not to say, with that aside, the Glass Top Collection carries a standalone beautiful showcasing aesthetic with incredibly durable and long-lasting appeal: ‘Made in USA’ or not.

To shop our top end tables and coffee tables from this collection, click here.

To shop our popular Glass Top Coffee Table, as pictured in this blog, click here.