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4 Highlights in 2014

December 17, 2014

As 2014 winds down we take a look at 4 major happenings at Manchester Wood this year.

Manchester Wood Mail Order Catalog 1. Our First Mail Order Catalog

For nearly four years customers of have been asking for a catalog. This year we finally pulled together enough resources and time to produce what we feel is our best literature to date on who we are and what we presently offer. For decades we’ve made wholesale catalogs for retailers, but this year marked something very new… our first very own mail order catalog.

2. 33 New Products

Compact Workstation Table - Manchester Wood

Compact Workstation Table

Between our New for 2014 and New Fall 2014 arrivals, we added 33 new products – handcrafted right here at our mill – including popular expansions into Solid Cherry TV Tray Tables and Shaker Desks, unique items like the Compact Workstation Table and Multipurpose Coffee Table Nesting Set of 4, and additions to the classic Adirondack collection with our first outdoor dining sets.

3. ‘Shop Custom’ option added to site

Similar to our catalog, Shop Custom was added through customer demand. We’re a factory, and typically are set-up to make many of one item at a time. This year, through a great team here, we developed and implemented the opportunity to offer custom pieces to you within the parameters set on our site. We ship the fastest in American made solid wood furniture. Now in 2014, we also ship the fastest custom American made solid wood furniture too.

4. 38 years in business

In November we celebrated our 38th anniversary as a company and took a moment to acknowledge the nearly half of our workforce who have been at Manchester Wood for 10-plus years, but also the special honoring of 25-year employee Garnet M. and new 10-year employees, Eric K. and John B. It says a lot about the people who make these products. There is a dedication and commitment that’s not easy to find. A service to quality products always finding a home for not only 2014, but years to come. As Josh Miller said in his film, “Made in America means jobs in America,” and here is that demonstration.

10-year employees, Eric K. and John B.

10-year employees, Eric K. and John B.

25-year employee, Garnet M.

25-year employee, Garnet M.

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Gift Guide Spotlight: Oval Cherry Coffee Table

December 15, 2014

Gift Guide: Oval Cherry Coffee TableThere isn’t much nicer than Cherry Wood Furniture. Manchester Wood’s President writes about the Contemporary Furniture collection. It’s transformation into affordable Solid Cherry Wood Furniture pieces, namely with our popular Oval Cherry Coffee Table. Featured in this month’s Holiday Gift Guide.

Several years ago we developed a new contemporary series of tables to fill that need in our product assortment. Since our main hardwood species is Ash, we came up with a round, rectangle, and oval shaped coffee table line to solve the look for more contemporary styled room settings. This new design was well received and since we introduced a Solid Cherry collection, we felt this new look would work nicely in cherry too.

Since we have been using hardwoods for over 35 years now, it was a natural progression to start making solid cherry furniture since this hardwood is found near our mill, and it is a well known wood in higher quality furniture pieces. We believed a line of solid cherry occasional tables would be a natural fit to our existing product line. We have been working with cherry for 5 years now and really enjoy using it.

Our Solid Cherry collection is made from American Black Cherry and the wood is harvested mainly from the New England area which is right in our backyard. Cherry is a very rich wood in that it has unique tight grain patterns, natural pitch pockets, and strong red-brownish coloring. It is very strong and workable. Our natural cherry items will actually darken in color with a very rich dark amber-brown patina coloring. We also offer the table in our heritage cherry finish which is a common reddish color that much of cherry furniture is finished with today. Either finish will give you a very unique piece of furniture that you will enjoy for many years to come.

 Ed Eriksen - Manchester Wood by Ed Eriksen, President of Manchester Wood

American Made Wood Furniture, Featured Furniture

Gift Guide Spotlight: Chairside Drawer Table

December 8, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Chairside Drawer Table

Smaller spaces means space-saving furniture. Manchester Wood’s President writes about the popular Chairside Drawer Table, which is apart of our Small Space Solutions category. Featured item in this month’s Holiday Gift Guide.

We are finding most homes today have smaller rooms and tighter spaces in which to live. Having a narrow table to fit into these tight spaces has become very important for the homeowner, apartment dweller, or condominium resident. Our first ‘Chairside’ table was our Chairside Storage Table which has hidden storage under half of the top. Based on the success of this item, we realized that another option would be to have a drawer under the top to allow for even more storage space.  At the same time we also came up with making the drawer accessible from both ends of the table, so if you had it next to a chair that was out in an open space, the drawer could be opened from either end. Having it only 11” wide makes for a perfect table to put between a chair and couch or other narrow spaces in your living area. It also has plenty of room to hold a lamp or reading materials on the bottom shelf.

 Ed Eriksen - Manchester Wood by Ed Eriksen, President of Manchester Wood