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“American Made” and “Solid Wood”: What Do They Mean?

November 5, 2012

All of the solid wood furniture that Manchester Wood produces is made entirely in the USA.

When describing our furniture, there are two terms that we are particularly fond of: “American Made” and “Solid Wood”. These phrases don’t just sound good; they actually have specific definitions that we adhere to rigorously when making our furniture. What does it really mean to produce solid wood furniture that is made in the USA?

Because of the enduring stellar reputation surrounding American craftsmanship, the phrases “American Made” and “Made in the USA” have come to symbolize that a product exhibits quality workmanship and materials. Unfortunately, some disingenuous businesses try to mislead their customers about the origins of their products. Accordingly, the Federal Trade Commission issues guidelines as to which products can be called American Made and which cannot. If a company flaunts these rules, the FTC has the authority to prosecute. Consumers should be careful to differentiate between the labels “Made in the USA” and “Assembled in the USA”, which is a lesser distinction that means that the components of the product in question are from foreign countries and they were merely put together in this one.

When we say our furniture is solid wood, we mean that it is made out of plain lumber, not plywood or particle board. These types of processed building materials are known as engineered wood. Solid wood is the much more durable of the two, to say nothing of its aesthetic superiority. These advantages make solid wood the clear choice for quality furniture.

Although it may be cheaper to produce furniture overseas using engineered wood, we know that no such product can hope to compete with our American made solid wood furniture. We endeavor to make the best product possible, and this means using the best materials and the best workers we can find, both of which are right here in America, as our satisfied customers can attest to. We hope everyone will continue to buy American, thereby supporting our domestic economy and American manufacturing.

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