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American Made Furniture: Why It’s In Our Name

February 25, 2014

American Made Furniture: Manchester Wood's MillManchester Wood: American Made Furniture is a legacy that dates back to 1891.

As we state, we make 100% Made in USA Furniture, but the term American Made Furniture runs even deeper. Sure you can slap a ‘Made in USA’ sticker on a product, and it’s a great thing! Yet just searching American Made Furniture you find a more stately order, a category of specifically solid wood furniture all unto itself. There’s a history there, and you’ll find authenticity with most American Made Furniture brands through online research. A rich heritage, such as with Harden Furniture, a fifth generation operated ‘American Made Furniture’ company making the finest in handcrafted hardwood furniture. They’re on the other side of the state we work from. It’s all a community, and even though technology has changed us, the immigrant paths our ancestors took to bring us here to the New York and Vermont countrysides aren’t too far off the times. Manchester Wood is a third generation ‘American Made Furniture’ company, with a lineage in woodworking dating back to 1891, providing what we feel is the best mix of quality and affordability in solid wood furniture ‘Made in the USA’ today. That’s not to say our ‘competitors’ provide great products too.

Solid Hardwood Furniture is very rich in the topic of American Made Furniture, the line can seem blurry between them. Then again, what’s more American than making something out of the bare resources only the land provides? That’s where you find an eco-conscious lumber system through locally maintained forests, work practices that are healthy for both the workers and the materials right up to the final product shipping out the door.

When you’re online shopping today, take a look around, read the history, discover the legacy, and buy a product not far off the sticker price at a big box store yet with an integrity and quality of its own league. That’s American Made Furniture.

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