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An Essential Item For Home: The Folding Tray

January 14, 2014

Portable Folding Tray Table Desk SetAn often overlooked item at home, but an essential one to most who have used them, the folding tray table is a retro invention with timeless appeal for its multifunction. At Manchester Wood, we pride ourselves on making the most sturdy, durable, solid wood folding TV tables on the market today; and they aren’t just for around the television. Contemporary folding trays such as the Portable Folding Work & Laptop Desk and Portable Folding Tray Table Desk Sets of 2 and 4 are examples of the modern model of folding trays at Manchester Wood.

We also feature classic designs in rectangular, contour, and oval shapes, providing TV tray tables in their thoughtful origins with our benchmark quality. Entirely made of solid wood, our folding tray table has been a longtime customer favorite for over thirty years. The folding trays feature a double glide design that allows for easy folding and storage. Set them up or store them away in seconds. The tray folding “sets” also come with a stand to create a compact unit when stowing away.

TV tray tables can be a second thought for some of us, but to those of us who have them their subtle usefulness can be a necessity in the household. So if you’re looking for that essential item that ties together everything with practical use, be sure to shop our folding trays today and discover what makes them best sellers with rave customer reviews year after year.

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