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The Benefits Of Buying From A Family Business

March 27, 2018

American Family Business - Manchester Wood

Family-owned businesses are acknowledged today as an important part in the successes of the entire world’s economy. Family businesses are operated in every country and may be the oldest form of business organization, but only within the last decade have their irreplaceable and remarkable benefits been actually identified, researched, and documented.

Family businesses have been described as outstanding and quality business entities. The description was formulated due to their concern, pursuit, and strategic planning for the long-term survival of the business for future generations to come. They are known for their powerful commitment to the quality of service and that relationship to their own family name; as well as their humanity in the workplace due to the special bond they carry with their employees onsite and offsite.

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, family businesses account for more than half of the nation’s employment. Some of the more recognizable businesses still managed by family members include: Estee Lauder Inc., Gucci, Carnival Cruise Lines, Harley-Davidson, Inc., U-Haul, Ford Models, Forbes Inc., and Ford Motor Co.

Family businesses are generally known for providing closer contact with management, are less bureaucratic, have a built-in trust factor with established relationships, and provide closer hands-on training and early exposure of the next generation to the business.

Studies show that family companies with healthy business practices and strong family bonds easily outperform the competition. Family members in well-functioning family owned and operated companies have reported that nothing comes close to the depth and joy of family contact. Moreover, these are the firms that enjoy multiple generations of family succession, as well as prosperous longevity of the business.

Now that you’ve read some of the great reasons why family owned and operated businesses are top notch in quality and service in general, here are some specific qualities that Manchester Wood specifically has to offer:

  • We’re easy to get a hold of, happy to assist with any issues that need to be resolved and, most importantly, we will never give you the run-around when you need assistance.
  • Our goal at Manchester Wood is to provide the best quality American made solid wood furniture possible along with unparalleled customer service.
  • We are dedicated to crafting the finest solid wood furniture available. This is why every piece of furniture that we sell comes with our 100% Quality Guarantee.
  • Should your furniture arrive with any defects, we guarantee that we will replace the defective part or the entire product if necessary.

Manchester Wood specializes in natural solid wood furniture made in the USA and can provide your living areas with everything from: solid cherry end tables, chair side magazine racks, glass display coffee tables, wood tv trays, and much, much more!

And, now that you are aware that it’s a family owned and operated company (since 1976) you can have the satisfaction in knowing that you are receiving the most quality craftsmanship and highest grade hardwoods to be enjoyed for years to come!

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How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Living Room Space

March 17, 2018

When getting ready to buy new furniture for your house or apartment it may be a daunting task. Some people aren’t made with the interior designer gene so we’ve come up with a couple of tips and suggestions to help make the process a little smoother for you. If you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for and you need a little inspiration and guidance, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Your living room is most likely one of the most important spaces in your home. In most houses, it’s often one of the first rooms guests come across upon entering, and it maybe where you and your family spend a lot of time whether it be holidays, birthdays, dinner parties, etc. For all of these reasons mentioned, it’s crucial to feel proud of this space and have it feel and look inviting for everyone who enters.

When picking out the right furniture for your space, it should also relatively match the rest of your houses’ over-all style as well as reflect your spirit and warmth. Therefore, it definitely takes a little planning and some extra time for some tender loving care and décor.

When choosing the main, larger pieces for your living room: sofas, love seats, entertainment system, etc. Make sure you measure the furniture-to-wall clearance so you have plenty of room to move around and you don’t end up with pieces that don’t fit well in your space. Also, remember to step back and take note of the whole size of the room. You don’t want furniture to look huge and overbearing. You also don’t want small chairs and other small items to look strange either, in a big room.

In the case of furniture that’s shared by more then one user, it’s also important to place these pieces in accessible spots to ensure all the family can use them. For instance, placing the coffee table in the center of the room is far better than placing it beside a chair that’s only used by one individual. However, end tables can also be a great fit. Listed below are just some suggestions of customer favorites for your room (please note: different color finishes are available in most of our products):

Expressions Coffee Table

  • Expressions Coffee Table: A beautifully crafted solid wood coffee table that’s narrow, and fit for practical use in-and-around the living room or den. 100% Made in the USA at our factory in Upstate New York. Quality Guarantee. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here.Rectangular Cherry Coffee Table


  • Rectangular Solid Cherry Coffee Table: Our Rectangular Cherry Coffee Table with a modern look adds character to a wide variety of rooms. It features a solid American cherry hardwood construction and a shelf for convenient storage. 100% Made in USA and built to last. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here.

Expressions Square End Table

  • Expressions Square End Table: A strong, simple solid wood end table with elegantly curved moldings on the legs and surfaces. A finely crafted, time-tested piece made of solid ash hardwood. Plenty of shelving height below leaves storage of books and decorative items easy. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here.





Adding some storage units is a wonderful way to keep your room from being full of clutter as well as helping to make the space look bigger. It’s very important to find the balance between making the room feel as spacious as possible, and ensuring it’s full functionality. For this reason, utilizing bookcases and shelving is crucial, and so is adding in furniture that has storage potential. For example, a table with shelves can make an excellent replacement for a regular end piece. Some great examples of customer favorites that Manchester Wood has to offer are listed below:

Chairside Magazine Rack

  • Chairside Magazine Rack: This Chairside Magazine Rack is based on the best-selling Chairside Storage Table. It offers similar convenience in a narrower design that doesn’t compromise on storage. This is the perfect end table for the reader seeking quick, convenient access to their current literature, all in a stylish and sturdy package. Made from solid American hardwood; built to last. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here.


  • Mission 3-Shelf End Table: This stylish Mission 3-Shelf Table is a classic pieceMission 3-Shelf End Table of solid wood furniture that offers ample storage space with three shelves. Crafted at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York; built to last generations. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here.

Chairside Storage Table

  • Chairside Storage Table: Space-saving.. practical.. a uniquely designed item. At just 11″ wide with its hidden storage for stashing all those necessary but cluttering items around the chairs, this ideal narrow end table along with a lower shelf for additional storage more than delivers the namesake. The Chairside Storage Table is an attractive, functional piece that won’t crowd your home. A customer favorite. Built to last. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here.

Manchester Wood specializes in natural solid wood furniture made in the USA and can provide your living room (or any other room in your house for that matter) with everything from: solid cherry end tables, chair side magazine racks, glass display coffee tables, wood tv trays, and much more! Plus, it’s a family owned and operated company so you can have satisfaction in knowing that there are family roots, on top of the most quality craftsmanship and highest grade hardwoods to be enjoyed for years to come.

For more ideas on furniture for your living room or other spaces in your house you can visit here.

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When It’s Time to Mow

August 24, 2017

Written by Luke Eriksen, 3rd generation employee

I’m cutting the grass at my house, and like my grandfather always felt, it’s a good time for thinking. And there’s plenty of that going on these days… thinking about jobs, happiness, how “to make it” in today’s America. There’s still a lot of dreaming going on, but a helluva lot more people think it’s more of a nightmare I imagine than how my grandfather and his peers ever looked at it.

“Just leave me that patch over there,” he would order, pointing his finger across his backyard that sprawled downward for a few good acres. “I’ll let you boys do the rest.” My grandfather, or “Pop” as he was called, bought 40 acres in the mid-eighties and had his family build houses on it. Sure, the acreage was for toys, but I really think for my grandfather it was more for mowing… his favorite hobby it seemed.

My dad loves to tell the story of looking out our window one Sunday afternoon to find me on Pop’s great big farm tractor with a solid 15-foot mower deck. At the mere age of 8 or 9 I sat high in the seat as Pop directed along. From the time I was 6, we had wood blocks under the tractor seats to skip the weight limit so the motor would start for all us kids, a giant wood block to extend the clutch petal to our feet.

Every weekend my cousin Andrew and I would mow and mow those fields. Put in a solid days work, and the big deal was always coming in at the end of the day to my Pop’s house for a Klondike bar and soda. Two things you couldn’t escape his house without; even if you tried.

I didn’t think anything of it then, and it took me a good 20 years after to really get the preciousness and trust of the whole thing. Letting really young kids take care of your yard.

But back to thinking…

I’m mowing my yard today, much smaller, and by push no less with a helluva hill. So I’m breaking way more of a sweat than on the sit down tractors. I’m thinking about business, my family, bills, strategy, new ideas, and getting excited about my thoughts behind my dreams. I’ve realized why my Pop left some of those acres for himself even when he had plenty of help, and left a whole bunch more for us kids. We had to find time to think, reflect, put in more hard work, and then think again.

It sure wouldn’t be a bad idea for more people in this country to hop on their mowers at home and give it a try.