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Our Beautiful American Made Cherry Furniture

December 19, 2013

22" Square Cherry Shaker End Table

Although we specialize in mostly solid ash hardwood furniture, we’d like to think here at Manchester Wood we craft some beautiful solid cherry furniture also. Our cherry furniture is produced from hardwood like our ash, so it’s truly solid cherry, and it’s built to last as with the rest of our solid wood furniture. We pride ourselves on making that type of heirloom quality furniture a family could pass down, or you could find in mint condition years later at an antique shop.

Our Solid Cherry collection encompasses cherry coffee tables and cherry end tables, as well as other media TV stands. Items like our Round Cherry Coffee Table, which adds sophistication and character to a wide variety of rooms. Or our Cherry Shaker Coffee Table, featuring classic shaker lines combined with modern home decor styling to merge the past with the present in design.

All our cherry wood furniture pieces are available in rich Heritage Cherry or Natural Cherry finishes. The wood is also handpicked from select solid American cherry, as with our Cherry Media Stand. Its sleek design provides plenty of room for a TV and all other media, from the digital box to the DVD player to your children’s favorite video game console.

Also including an array of cherry end tables, our 22″ Square Cherry End Table tends to be a popular one. The 22″ Square Cherry End Table easily fits with a wide variety of decorating styles and settings. The solid wood end table has a top that’s 22″ square and stands 23″ high.

A stain resistant lacquer finish is applied on all our solid cherry furniture, which protects your new furniture from wear and tear. 100% made in America by our dedicated employees.

Be sure to check out our Solid Cherry furniture collection today, and find the beauty in craftsmanship and appeal in your home as so many customers have over the past 37 years.

American Made Wood Furniture, TV and Media Stands

Holiday Gift Guide Product Spotlight: Mission Media Stand

December 6, 2013

Are there any new homeowners on your shopping list? Check out our holiday discounted Mission Media Stand! …A perfect heirloom quality piece for the bedroom, family room, or living room, our Mission Media Stand provides a stylish surface and shelving for your television and other media. 100% made in America to the highest quality standards by our dedicated employees. Built to last.

To shop this item at its current ‘Gift Guide Sale’ price, click here.

With two large shelves plus the tabletop, the Mission Media Stand has plenty of room for everything from video game consoles to DVD players to cable boxes and modems. Crafted from sustainable American hardwood, while merging modern functionality, traditional design, it provides incredible durability and strength, able to hold over 500 pounds!

We proudly manufacture all of our solid wood furniture in-house, at our “mill” in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York. All your orders are backed by our company’s Quality Guarantee with Free Shipping Always.

American Made Wood Furniture, Solid Wood, TV and Media Stands

An Assortment of New Folding Trays @!

November 7, 2013

Practical SturdyPortable. These are the words we often hear about our classic folding TV tray tables. This week we’ve made available three new styles of TV trays on Entirely made of solid wood, our folding tray table is our most popular item and for good reason. Tray tables appear to be a somewhat second thought for some of us, but to those of us who have them their subtle usefulness can be almost a necessity in any household.

Rectangular TV Tray Set of 4

Rectangular TV Tray Set of 4

For our first new tray table set we combined the two most popular designs – the Contemporary and Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk to offer you an exclusive variation made perfect for the home or office space. Check out the Portable Folding Tray Table Desk Set of 4 and 2.

The Oval Tray Table is back! A retro design appeal reintroduced with a few updated details, offering a truly timeless appeal for 21st century living. Perfect for playing cards, eating dinner, doing work, or providing more table space for big family gatherings. Check out the Oval Folding TV Tray Table Set of 4 and 2.

Popular for decades, the classic style of the rectangular folding TV tray table provides a perfect mobile workspace, or for traditional uses around the home. Check out the Rectangular Folding TV Tray Table Set of 4 and 2, it brings style with a sturdy solid wood construction.

All our solid wood furniture, including these TV tray table are heirloom quality crafted from sustainable solid American hardwood and protected with a tough, durable acrylic finish. Built to last and backed by our Quality Guarantee.