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Celebrating 38 years…

November 14, 2014

Manchester Wood celebrating 38 years

Yesterday we celebrated 38 years as a Company, as well as the dedication of one 25-year employee and two 10-year employees.

25-year employee, Garnet M.

25-year employee, Garnet M.

Talk about a month celebrated in gratitude. Yesterday we celebrated our 38th anniversary as a company and took a moment to acknowledge the nearly half of our workforce who have been at Manchester Wood for 10-plus years, but also the special honoring of 25-year employee Garnet M. and new 10-year employees, Eric K. and John B.

10-year employees, Eric K. and John B.

10-year employees, Eric K. and John B.

It says a lot about the people who make these products. There is a dedication and commitment that’s not easy to find. A hope and service to quality products always finding a home for not only today, but years to come. As Josh Miller said, “Made in America means jobs in America,” and here yesterday was that demonstration.

We all take great pride in still making furniture in America, while China and Vietnam have disrupted our industry with lesser quality and priced goods. The bottom line is you won’t find American made hardwood furniture on the market today for a more reasonable price than what’s found here, and it’s because of the sacrifices we’ve endured that we stand here today. 38 years strong with men and women who care about what they do. Our Founder was entirely set not on margins, but on creating and enduring with American jobs… and we plan on always doing just that. I don’t think it can get much better. Thank you to our customers and amazing employees who consistently create what Manchester Wood is each and every day.

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