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Canadian Online Shoppers: Our Furniture Is Available Soon

January 22, 2015

Manchester Wood in CanadaManchester Wood purchased and plans to sell direct to Canadian customers by Spring 2015.

For Ed and Luke Eriksen, 2nd and 3rd generations of Manchester Wood, Canada will be the first international market they’ve planned the family heirloom brand expanding to in it’s 39-year history and 124th year in lineage as woodworkers.

Soon, Canadian customers will be able to purchase their American made brand staples like the Adirondack Chair, the Cherry Shaker Desk, and TV Tray Tables, among hundreds of other solid wood furniture choices entirely made by Manchester Wood in the United States, shipped directly to the customer’s door from their “mill” in Upstate New York.

“The days are soon over where we’ll have to turn down Canadian customers,” stated Luke Eriksen, Vice President, last week. “We want to provide convenience to all our customers.”

With that being said, Manchester Wood plans to continue their brand promise of a Quality Guarantee on every product and Free Shipping Always on every order to Canada… that’s quite a feat when you’re now talking international borders. “When we launch,” begins Ed Eriksen, President, “we want the experience to be very much the same as So we’re working with FedEx and UPS and we’re going to formulate a system that makes it possible to offer the same great savings on quality handcrafted solid wood products found at Manchester Wood in the U.S.”

Stay tuned Canadian customers! Soon you won’t have to be coming to us, we’ll be coming to you!

If you’d like to be notified when our Canadian online store is live, email

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