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End Tables: Overlooked and Underrated

June 6, 2013

When it comes to furnishing a space like a living room or den, end tables are often treated as an afterthought or, worse, overlooked entirely. This is a real shame, as a good wooden end table or two can be an integral part of a room from both an aesthetic and practical perspective. At Manchester Wood, we have a large and diverse selection of end tables for sale and we’re sure you can find something to improve your home in our collection.

Chairside Storage Table

Our Popular Chairside Storage Table

If you are looking for a way to take advantage of a small space that won’t fit a large bookshelf or table top, end tables are a wonderful option. We offer a number of narrow end tables that are specifically designed to fit into tight spaces. Check out our Chairside Drawer Table. This customer favorite features an innovative bidirectional door as well as a shelf for storage. Another good, small end table is our Chairside Storage Table. It also has a narrow design, but instead of a drawer, it offers a flip-up top for easy and discreet storage. End tables are often more decorative than functional, but both of these options pack plenty of use and style into a compact package.

If space is not a major concern, we also have larger wood end tables like our 22” Round End Table. It offers a bit more space on top as well as stylish curved lines that go well with other round or oval pieces of furniture. End tables in general are great for complementing other pieces of furniture, so make sure you pick one that will go well with your current space.

All of our furniture is 100% made in America, so you can be sure that anything you buy from us will feature exemplary workmanship. Furthermore, we get all our lumber from certified sustainable forests because we are committed to green furniture.


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