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How to Choose the Perfect Furniture For Your Home or Remote Office Space

May 15, 2018

Today, more and more employees are beginning to work remotely at home. According to a recent study, 43 percent of employed Americans spend at least some time working remotely every week. Of these people, 34 percent spend four to five days working outside the office and that is increasing every year. While there are pros and cons to everything in life the pro to working at home is that you’re able to design the most comfortable office for yourself. Feeling comfortable in your office space will get the best out of your productivity and workflow.

The most suitable furniture for your home office will be what feels comfortable and what helps you focus most. Besides just matching the style of your all around house decor, you will need to consider the actual space you have in your room, budget, and how long you will use the office throughout a day. Here are guidelines for choosing the perfect home office furniture.

Assess how much space in the room you actually have: A big mistake when ordering and picking out furniture is not being truly aware of how much space you actually have. An empty room always may look bigger until you put a desk and a chair in it and then you realize how much room you don’t have. Make sure that you always measure your space and be aware of the windows and the doorways that surround the area. This will make a big difference in how the all around design will look. When considering the windows, think about the view. One window may be looking out at an empty parking lot and the other one is looking out at a field of flowers. With this in mind, you may want to think about the window with the flower view as a great space to put a desk. Then, you can create the space around that accordingly.

Listed below are just some suggestions of customer favorites for your room (please note: different color finishes are available in most of our products):

  • Compact Workstation Table: We feel this might be the most unique item on the market today: A chair, desk, and end table combined.An ideal space-saver, transforming a small living space into a temporary home office; offering a spacious shelf underneath for a laptop, notebooks, or anything else. Crafted at our mill in the Adirondack foothills of New York. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here.


  • Mission Compact Desk: The desk you’ve been looking for: solid American ash hardwood construction, beautiful Mission style and compact enough to fit anywhere in your home or apartment. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here: here.


  • Compact Cherry Shaker Desk: The compact version of our new Cherry Shaker Desk collection, our Compact Cherry Shaker Desk is beautiful, sleek, and trim, but entirely solid wood out of the finest Cherry hardwood. Great for the home office, or perhaps as a recipe desk in the kitchen, this classically timeless shaker desk with solid American Cherry hardwood construction sets it apart. Made in USA. For more information on this particular piece, or to purchase, you can visit it here.


Determine how long every day you will use your home office: This is an important tip because you may be too distracted at home and you are only planning on using your space on the weekend, at night, or to answer an email here and there. You may decide that you’re going to spend more time at a coffee shop to avoid distractions such as your dog, or your television, etc. In this case, you may just want something with more style and less about comfort. If you’re planning on spending 7-10 hours a day in this space then you need to think more comfort. Also, will you be having meetings with clients here? Is it necessary to have a table in the middle of the room for a meeting of the minds? All of these questions are important to ask yourself when designing your home office area.

How much budget do you have to spend on your office: Like anything in life, you can spend as much as you want or as little as you have. How much you have to spend is completely up to you, but this will make all the difference when picking out important pieces. If you only have a little then you may just want to focus on a desk and keep adding throughout time. If you have an endless budget then the world of home office décor is at your fingertips, literally.

With the digital age and technology evolving rapidly each day, home offices are very popular and can pretty much be found in all homes. To ensure you will be productive, follow these tips above to choose comfortable and stylish furniture.

If you are not sure the overall look and feeling that you are going for then buy one piece of furniture at a time. Get to know what you think you will like. Often times, we may feel like we have to do everything all at once, but when it comes to your home office it’s important to take the proper steps to insure that your day is filled with focused work and productivity so you can make the money to buy the furniture. Happy Shopping!

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    I LOVE my compact shaker desk. Your furniture is definitely worth every penny. Beauty, style and made in America. What is not to LOVE?

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