#MyNeckoftheWoods Series

Part 2: #MyNeckoftheWoods “Our Home” Series

August 14, 2016
Part 2 #MyNeckoftheWoods

Chris working a drill press in the sample area at “the Mill” [Manchester Wood] in Granville, New York

From film-making, to being a ski photographer, gardening, logging, and furniture-making the last 10+ years… Chris gets innovation and creative thinking.

“When I came back home to Vermont from Colorado and Oregon it was about being around my parents and my grandma, as they’re all getting older… I started back working in logging on my friend’s parents land… well, I wouldn’t say it was totally logging. They also asked us to get ‘artsy with it [their land]’ and we used different techniques to grow trees in cool ways…”

Written by Eric Henzie, Marketing Executive

I have come to understand through experience that creativity or any type of innovation really is an ‘inside’ job. It’s a process I call finding your ‘voice.’ What is also fascinating to me and empowering lately is the revelation that it’s really a process. At its source, the creative process is a function of inspiration and personal empowerment. Step by step, every person holds the keys to their own creative empowerment; each of us holds a capacity to define and direct the future and to write our own story.

Chris as a creator and innovator appreciates that the ‘known’ great artists throughout history understand that they are the authors of their own works. By analogy, we are each the authors of the story of our own lives. Chris made a conscious decision to return to his home roots a few years back. He was on a search to find his voice. That search led him from his home state of Vermont to the mountains of Colorado, from Colorado to Oregon, then from Oregon back home.

Home is a word which embraces a very vast meaning. For most home is a place that brings back fond memories, home is the symbol of comfort and wellness. Home serves as a kind of fortress to us, our sanctuary. Home should be the place where you feel secure, free. Home is culture, religion, its friends, relatives, neighbors, and your environment. It is your “neck of the woods”; it is the way of life there, the architecture of neighborhoods houses, the job where you make a living and many other things.

The successful revival of the American built movement is alive and well here at Manchester Wood. The hard working American workers here many who have been around for over 25 years are the descendants of a long line of builders, craftspeople and innovators. This is an extraordinarily uncommon commodity in today’s marketplace. When you purchase 100% American made you have the satisfaction of knowing you support our proud line of master craftspeople that proudly stand behind their workmanship. You support their growth and their lifestyle – it’s #MyNeckoftheWoods

Share your home with us, as we share ours, by using #MyNeckoftheWoods with your comments. Mention us on Twitter (@ManchesterWood), or post it on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for Part 3…

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