#MyNeckoftheWoods Series

Part 5: #MyNeckoftheWoods “Our Home” Series

September 1, 2016
Chris sets up a record at home in Pawlet, VT.

Chris sets up a record at home in Pawlet, VT.

Everything that’s time-tested is of interest to Chris. A growing vinyl collection has him in awe of classic, long-lasting quality in sound and design.

“I wonder about the people who’ve owned these records before me. The quality of the sound is still here, and knowing they heard it too is special to me. I hope the same thing for our furniture, that is just keeps living on to the next person.” -Chris Bowlen, sample maker and designer

Written by Eric Henzie, Marketing Executive

Vintage vinyl appeals to my sense of nostalgia, of thrift and eternalness assuming you adhere to their proper care. Diving through bins of unknown records, the thrill of the hunt for what some seem to want to discard as obsolete others like Chris are happy to relocate to his own shelf full next to his turntable. He doesn’t hoard. He is happy to collect, share, seek them out at the various tag sales held in the area throughout the summer, or even fund one of the pricier new releases if it fits his taste.

If you thumb through the pages of hardcover coffee-table books of New England you will find an endless supply of rural imagery. Nostalgic visuals of rural America; such as these are firmly entrenched in the popular imagination. You can probably imagine yourself standing in the midst of these centuries old visions of past, one where the landscape and identity were defined by tradition, simplicity, and charm.

Since my family and I started living in New England one of the things that has made the biggest impression on me personally is the transition from summer to autumn. This transformation is unarguably the most beautiful. The leaves on the trees change from green to a vast range of beautiful colors; brilliant yellows, golden oranges and fiery reds. The activities that follow make me feel nostalgic. It’s raking leaves, the last mowing of the season, covering the garden vegetables before an impending frost, or moving the split wood from the covered log-pile down the road to the one closer to the house. It’s those time honored traditions honed over time that make us feel purposeful and a part of a community. Those things that friends or neighbors mention to each other while making small talk.

How important is long-lasting quality to you? Do you own something that’s special to you that’s been around for a longtime? Tell us by commenting on our Facebook wall or tweeting #MyNeckoftheWoods @manchesterwood

Stay tuned for Part 6…

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