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Part 7: #MyNeckoftheWoods “Our Home” Series

September 16, 2016
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Manchester Wood employees, September 2016.

Behind the story of Chris, is the story of all of us. Artisans, woodworkers… all here to provide quality furniture from our home to yours.

Written by Luke Eriksen, Vice President

Before AutoCAD and CNC Programming there was graph paper, a ruler, and a sharpened pencil. That is where our company began 40 years ago. Prior to our company’s beginnings our founder, my grandfather, Cliff Pierce started a career in manufacturing as a tool and die maker.

Tool and die makers aren’t found sitting in an office behind a desk. They are in the middle of the dust and grease, a critical cog in the wheel of factory production each day.  They’re a class of machinists all onto themselves. They make jigs, fixtures, dies, molds, machine tools, cutting tools, gauges, and other tools used in manufacturing processes.

That trade and way of thinking never left my grandfather. Our humble beginning in the basement of his house, to his own factory floor and eventually in the office behind a desk making sales with the biggest retailers in the country.

“We’re just a bunch of farmers,” he’d jovially tell people when explaining his business. Not actually tilling the soil of course though he did own a farm, but more as a way of thinking. In many ways he was and in many ways we still are. Simple. Real. Truthful. Honest. Matter of fact. Nothing more, nothing less.

I fondly remember flying with him and my family to Florida years ago sitting next to him on the plane. It left a lasting impression on me as I watched him pull out his graph paper and pencil, and watched him sketch out a rough idea for a new product. I asked him for an extra piece of paper and I tried to replicate what he was doing. He never stopped designing. He never stopped working.

The #MyNeckoftheWoods series has been really fun to watch unfold. In a small way, it provides a behind the scenes peek at who we are as we highlighted some of the cool things Chris Bowlen is up to. Be sure to check out our new Herrick Brook collection. Like everything else from Manchester Wood, it began with a sketch.

Stay tuned for next month’s special 40th anniversary giveaway series as a token of appreciation. Also, we’ll hopefully get some pictures up from our celebration towards the end of October.

What products speak to your home and area? Tell us by commenting on our Facebook wall or tweeting #MyNeckoftheWoods @manchesterwood

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