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The Quality Fight: Furniture Made in the USA

January 27, 2014

Manchester Wood - Furniture Made in the USAHow is Furniture Made in the USA still Manchester Wood’s hallmark staple?

Manchester Wood has long since been a solid wood furniture manufacturer strictly producing furniture made in the USA from our mill in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. So when we read the article Made in USA’ means little to furniture buyers on we couldn’t but differ as the little engine that could. “Ken Smith, a furniture analyst with BDO Seidman in High Point… said ‘Made in the USA’ tags don’t have a lot of marketing power, since the vast majority of consumers are mostly interested in price… ‘A lot of people talk about it’ he said. ‘But they vote with their pocketbook… Once in a while we will get someone who comes in asking for something that is made in the USA” [although]… ‘I’d say 90 percent of people don’t know or care where something came from. And very few ask.’”*

If Ken Smith’s analysis is correct then Manchester Wood produces ‘Made in the USA’ furniture for the 10% who has made up 100% of our loyal customer base for the last 38 years. And although this article was published a few years ago, it’s sad to find that “a decade ago, imports made up less than a third of all-wood furniture sales in the U.S. They are now at about 55 percent, and industry analyst Jerry Epperson predicts they will rise again… [to] about 75 percent of all furniture sold in the U.S. was produced overseas.”*

So after thousands of lay-offs in the furniture industry over the last decade we hold true to our values of American workers making quality American products, whether the model is highly profitable or not. And our customers seem to know the price equates with quality, in not only the material and practice we use, but the craftsmanship as well.

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*‘Made in USA’ means little to furniture buyers – Business – US business | NBC News.

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