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Solid Wood Desks: New Era Compact Workstation

January 29, 2014

Solid Wood Desks, End TablesThe rarity of this solid wood desk, end table, chair is apparent.

When we hit the drawing board for the new Compact Workstation Table we weren’t sure what we’d come back with. The solid wood table takes inspiration from the old “gossip benches” where people used to sit and doodle or take notes when phones were actually still connected to walls. Although the era of that necessity has long since past we still believed something else could be reintroduced from its origins.

The Compact Workstation Table is a solid wood desk doubling as an end table with storage. It offers an array of great uses. We’ve heard the idea of it being perfect for a kid’s room for homework and computer time, to living room or even bedroom furniture in handling paperwork and after work emails for adults.

Our solid wood desks are some of the finest pieces of American made furniture we produce, a proud staple in many home offices. However, nothing quite compares to the Compact Workstation Table. Introduced this past month in our “New for 2014” collection, this solid wood desk, end table combination is ensured by our Quality Guarantee and takes a few bold consumers to set the trend of a traditional, modern, practical, and versatile item in space-saving form. The Compact Workstation Table really has all we’re looking for in a solid wood desk for home.

As with all our solid wood desks, and solid wood furniture for that matter, the Compact Workstation Table is produced from local North American hardwood in closely maintained forests which are regulated to meet environmentally conscious codes. Our furniture made in the USA is all built to last generations with every order arriving at your door with Free Shipping Always.

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