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Folding Adirondack Chairs, Outdoor 10% OFF

February 3, 2014

Folding Adirondack Chairs at Manchester Wood are the heritage symbol of our American made furniture brand. Shop our exclusive version right now on at 10% off!

Folding Adirondack Chairs Sale!

“Adirondacks from the Adirondacks…” our folding Adirondack chairs have a story all their own. And it began right in our mills backyard in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, Lake George. “While taking boat rides on the lake, ‘the boys’ and Cliff (our founder) would pass by various old family estates that had Adirondack chairs on their property set by campfire pits or on sprawling front yards and, most iconically, on docks. A friend and neighbor at the lake lent Cliff one of his Adirondack chairs to study and reference for dimensions. Thus began our company’s development of folding Adirondack chairs.

Adirondack Folding Chairs

Our first production-run Adirondack chair from the 1984 Chicago Housewares Trade Show

The chair given to Cliff was extra large and made out of softwood. The design had a lot of support pieces and very wide arms. The back of the chair was comprised of many narrow slats. It was also very low, so when you slid down into the seat, it was comfortable, but hard to get out of! So Cliff and the company woodworkers set about improving on the design. Early on it was decided that the chairs should be foldable. Easy storage was a key feature in Cliff’s mind as he had seen too many prematurely weathered and dilapidated chairs on the docks and shores of Lake George. Unlike bulkier designs that were a hassle to move and took up too much space to store inside easily, the folding design did not take up as much space and encouraged customers to keep the chairs inside over the winter.

The initial design developed by Cliff had slats that were all the same width, including the seat legs.  The chair featured narrower arms in an effort to keep the price competitive with similar wood furniture pieces imported by foreign manufacturers. When all was said and done, Cliff had reviewed over 10 different styles of Adirondack Chairs from the Lake George area…” read more from this article on the back-story of our famous folding Adirondack chairs published by our friends L.L. Bean.

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Thinking Ahead: Manchester Wood Adirondack Folding Chairs

January 21, 2014

Although we’re in the dead of winter, the melting snow from a warming spring sun isn’t too far off. Now might be a good time to begin thinking about your outdoor furniture for spring-summer 2014 and we can’t help but to suggest our classic Adirondack furniture. At Manchester Wood we offer a multitude of solid wood furniture options, but no design quite speaks our heritage more than the Adirondack folding chair. In many ways, it was the beginning and hallmark item for us being a company located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains crafting right from the inspirational surroundings they began from. To say our Adirondack chairs are authentic is an understatement. They’re also one of the most comfortable Adirondack chairs you can buy. Made from locally harvested solid maple hardwood with an exceptionally durable finish and rust-resistant hardware –as always, it’s built to last.

ADK Deluxe SetManchester Wood’s Adirondack outdoor furniture extends far past the folding Adirondack chair, with outdoor furniture sets, Adirondack Love Seats, Tete-A-Tete’s, Coffee Tables, and End Tables, all made in the aesthetic of our quintessential Adirondack design.

Browse around our Adirondack collection today at and discover why our product is found on so many docks, beachfronts, decks, and patios, from Lake George in the heart of the Adirondacks to Malibu, California on the vast Pacific Ocean. Each purchase comes with our Quality Guarantee and Free Shipping Always. As with all our solid wood furniture, it’s 100% Made in USA.

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Christmas in Adirondack Folding Chairs

December 3, 2013

The winter season may be a peculiar time to shop for folding Adirondack chairs, but at Manchester Wood our famous Adirondack chairs are always in season. “Adirondacks from the Adirondacks…” as our slogan states when truly providing you not only Adirondack furniture made in the USA, but Adirondack furniture actually made locally in the Adirondack mountain range. It was in 1984, at the Chicago Housewares Trade Show that Manchester Wood introduced its now famous Adirondack folding chair, impressing L.L Bean (who were already selling a folding camp table designed by Manchester Wood after meeting at the same show the previous year). The chair debuted in L.L. Bean’s catalog in 1985 and has since become a brand staple.

Today Manchester Wood offers an exclusive Adirondack Folding Chair made available at during the holiday season at a discount price.

Whether you’re in the cool, brisk air of early winter snow, or out along a warm sunny beach, there’s not a better time to gift a loved one, or yourself, with a quality handcrafted Adirondack chair folding away for easy off-season storage. So take advantage of our holiday discount, bring a smile this season to an outdoor lover, and discover our Free Shipping Always, our Quality Guarantee, and our beautiful solid wood furniture made in the USA always, all ways.

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