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Made in USA Furniture: On the Comeback?

February 5, 2014

Made in USA Furniture“Made in USA Furniture Takes a Hit.”

Rich Christianson recently reported on Woodworking Network* that “the Made-in-America furniture movement [has] suffered a setback,” with two major Made in USA furniture factories closing down. It’s put more than 560 people out of work in Thomasville, NC, and the Made in USA furniture family mourns another loss. Christianson continues in the article:

“A silver lining in the dark-black cloud known as the Great Recession was that American consumers were buying more products Made in America. This helped fuel the notion that we would see more reshoring, such as Stanley Furniture’s decision to move production of its Young America furniture line from China to Robbinsville, NC. In addition, Ashley Furniture’s plans to build the world’s largest furniture manufacturing and distribution complex in Advance, NC was welcomed by many as another highly visible sign that U.S. wood furniture manufacturing was making a comeback.

But not everything has gone well for the U.S. furniture renaissance. Lincolnton Furniture, which became a media darling of “Made in America,” closed down without warning at the start of last year. 2013 also saw the demise of Linwood Furniture, which operated an 800,000-square-foot facility and Crawford Furniture Manufacturing, est. 1893 of Jamestown, NY.”

A disappointing news article for anyone in the Made in USA furniture industry; and although it’s great to find people buying American made products, also hearing about the “comeback” of American jobs and manufacturing through the years, we take this blog post to bring continued awareness to the dire need to support American made goods so that the circulation of commerce and community can find its center again. It’s what made this country the economic force it once was. It can be again! We continue to work away here at Manchester Wood and we thank you dearly for that. Blessings to all those effected by these factory shutdowns, our hearts go out to you.

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American Made Wood Furniture, Top Posts

Made in USA: Why Is It Vital?

February 1, 2014

How Made in USA = Jobs in America

You’ll find us writing a lot about furniture made in the USA here. The importance and value it means to our community and our brand. American made is carried in our namesake and for good reason. Not only are we a 100% Made in USA furniture provider, we also keep track of made in USA news. And hold pride for being a generational family business in America, promoting our working here in America too. Unfortunately we’re somewhat of a novelty these days because of that. Producing made in the USA furniture and still living by our family creed. It’s a far different time from when our founder Cliff Pierce founded our company.

So when we came across the ‘Made in USA’ film by Josh Miller (watch trailer below), we became re-inspired for the work we do as American furniture manufacturers.

Made in USA FilmThe film is called Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey. Be sure to visit the film website here and order a copy.

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Manchester Wood’s Popular Cherry Wood Furniture

January 20, 2014

An element of making tried and true American made furniture is offering them in an array of beautiful wood species that our lands belong to. Manchester Wood handcrafts exclusively solid wood furniture using ash, maple, cherry, beech, birch, and more from our surrounding area creating our hallmark heirloom quality.

Round Cherry Coffee TableCherry wood furniture is some of our most popular indoor furniture available today on and Amazon. This style of wood provides a classic appeal, showcasing a beautiful wood grain, elevating the feel of any room with its rich, luxurious choice finish. From cherry coffee tables like our Round Cherry Coffee Table and Cherry Shaker Coffee Table, to our cherry end tables like our Square Cherry Shaker End Table and Round Cherry End Table, and TV media stands like our Cherry Media Stand, we offer several cherry table designs and uses.

All our cherry wood furniture comes in a stain resistant lacquer finish with your choice of Natural Cherry or Heritage Cherry finishes. The Solid Cherry collection, like the rest of Manchester Wood’s furniture, is 100% Made in USA by our dedicated and skilled employees in the Adirondack foothills of upstate New York and comes with our Quality Guarantee and Free Shipping Always on every order.

Quality, affordability, and a customer service team we pride ourselves on! That’s American commerce the old fashioned way, and that’s how we see business in the present day. Let us know how we can serve you best in providing solid wood furniture options for your home or office as your personal and premier American furniture manufacturer contact.