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The Art that’s Made in USA

April 29, 2014

Made in USA ArtPBS’ Frank Carlson spotlights a Made in USA exhibit showcasing and examining the evolution of American art… it’s vast, expansive, and multifaceted.

A Made in USA exhibit at Washington, D.C.’s Phillips Collection chronicles American artists and their evolution — “from romantic depictions in the 19th century, to dealing with urbanization and its discontents in the 20th, to abstract expressionism following World War II” (PBS).

Spanning a vast period — 1850 to 1970 — the show relies on the tastes of the museum’s founder, Duncan Phillips, who sought out works that he believed worth protecting, as its filter.

“Our founder spent his entire career, 50 years of collecting, really trying to identify American artists who were at the beginning of their careers, and assembling what he believed to be the very best American art,” says exhibit curator Susan Frank.

Through more than 200 works, the collection showcases artists from very different backgrounds and periods as they wrestled with and interpreted their sense of place in a vast and changing America, in settings both rural and urban.

The exhibit runs through August 31, 2014. (via PBS)

At Manchester Wood we’re always moved by American adeptness. Always changing, always growing, and yet there’s a nostalgia of an ideal. Through the Made in USA identity, the art of who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re headed to goes much further than a marketing tag… it’s the simple quest of a quality enriched dream in the land we call America.

Who are your favorite American artists? What does the story of America mean to you?