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Hardwood Cherry Furniture? Shop Here.

May 29, 2014

Manchester Wood has the most affordable Hardwood Cherry Furniture that’s made in the USA today. Solid, authentic Hardwood Cherry Furniture at great prices!

Hardwood Cherry Furniture at Manchester Wood

If you’re looking to complete your home with beautiful hardwood cherry furniture you’ve found the right place. At Manchester Wood our cherry coffee tables, end tables, and cherry sofa tables are not only American made and built to last, they’re affordable too. You see, at our small little factory we call “the mill” deep in the countryside you’ll find dedicated American craftspeople, wood moving through the door and wood furniture coming out the other all day long. We make furniture, and we make it in a way that quality and affordability can come together. This means with machines, but it also means with people; and many hands touch each solid wood furniture piece that goes through and out our doors.

Hardwood cherry furniture tends to be the most expensive of solid wood furniture pieces, and for good reason. The wood itself is expensive. The labor needed to craft with the wood can be labor intensive at times, but we also believe we can formulate a way to provide American made hardwood cherry furniture at a price everyone can rationalize with. Is it cheap? No. Is it expensive? To some… but when you compare and put together your options you’ll find Manchester Wood’s Solid Cherry collection a rare breed in the marketplace.

100% Made in USA, truly hardwood cherry furniture that will last a lifetime with a Quality Guarantee and Free Shipping Always promise. Let us help you find the best cherry furniture for your home.

Have you bought cherry wood furniture from us before? What’s your experience?

American Made Wood Furniture, Featured Furniture, Solid Wood

Testimonial: Cherry Coffee Table

May 20, 2014

Cherry Coffee Table: Manchester Wood TestimonialA Cherry Coffee Table can be a prized piece in a home. It’s rich, beautiful wood and warm natural coloring have adorned homes for centuries. Imagine finding this premium heritage furniture at an affordable price, and made in America? You’ll find that and more in our Solid Cherry furniture collection. Where quality and price meet like they used to…

“We just received our oval cherry coffee table. Absolutely beautiful!!! My husband said it was wonderful putting together a piece of American made furniture with American parts. We are looking forward to receiving the matching end tables.” -Lori, Customer

Whether you’re shopping for a cherry coffee table like Lori, or looking for other cherry tables and furniture accents, take a look at what we have to offer at We’re delighted at serving our customers and especially hearing from them like Lori has so graciously done.

We appreciate all our customers over the last 38 years and counting… Have you purchased cherry furniture from us? If so, what was your experience?

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Cherry Wood Furniture: Authentic & Affordable

April 16, 2014

Cherry Wood Furniture at Manchester WoodOur Cherry Wood Furniture is real hardwood furniture made in America with the best mix of quality and pricing on the market today.

At Manchester Wood we believe in the fair business practice of offering our customers quality products at reasonable prices. It’s something you’ll find in our Solid Cherry wood furniture collection.

From our Oval Cherry Coffee Table (pictured left), to the classic Cherry Sofa Tables, and the distinguished appeal of a Cherry End Table, you’ll discover all the quality, function, and pricing you’re looking for at

How do we make a typically expensive heirloom quality hardwood furniture piece more affordable, that’s also entirely made in America?

Innovation. Manchester Wood is a small American furniture manufacturer. We’re not just a retailer. We actually retail the furniture we produce directly from here at our mill in the “foothills of the Adirondacks” of Granville, New York. So there’s no middle party. When you call us, you’re calling the place making the furniture for you. Find that at a big box store! …For quality, when it comes to all our solid wood furniture, and specifically here in this blog – our cherry wood furniture – it’s selected from the finest hardwood from surrounding forests and lumber communities that specialize in eco-friendly sustainable practices to ensure a thoughtful harvest. We also employ some great woodworkers and manufacturing specialists that produce great products in a timely manner. Most of our orders ship within 48 hours – that’s better than most 100% American made solid wood furniture competitors.

So when taking a look at our cherry wood furniture you’ll find an advantageous authentic and affordable product. Authentic in where it comes from and how it’s made. Affordable because that’s what our customers deserve.

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